That’s the Problem: Obama Doesn’t Give Himself Enough Credit

Posted: May 30, 2014 1:25 AM
That’s the Problem: Obama Doesn’t Give Himself Enough Credit

It’s nice to see the State Department finally blaming some things on our current President, and not George Bush… In fact, Obama’s not getting enough blame, according to the teenage Bieber fan who is currently serving as the spokesperson for the State Department. (She’s actually not a teenage Bieber fan… She just acts like one.) During one of Jen Psaki’s recent Q&A sessions with reporters, she said that poor Mr. Obama doesn’t give himself enough “credit” for the administration’s foreign policy.

Hilarity ensued.

Even the generally liberal Democrat surrogates “reporters” couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the hopelessly naïve comments. The President doesn’t give himself enough credit? Stunningly, the reporters in attendance seem to have stumbled across the same questions that raced through my mind. With a straight-face that would make Bob Newhart jealous, Jen expressed her honest concern that our poor President doesn’t credit himself enough for America’s role in world events.

“Is this a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment?” Asked one reporter. More candidly, another asked her to explain what she meant when she used the term “success”. (And when the DC press correspondents start laughing and mocking, things are bound to go downhill quickly.) Here’s the video so you can be part of the fun:

I mean, heck: Putin owns the Crimea; Libya is even less friendly to US interests than when Gadhafi ran the place; the Taliban basically rules half of Afghanistan (and Pakistan, and Iraq, and parts of Libya, and parts of Nigeria, and parts of Syria); Iran is using the billions of dollars that the Obama Administration released (as part of sanction agreements) to rebuild their nuclear programs; Syria is… Well, do I really need to keep going?

But let’s not focus only on the Middle East… I mean, c’mon: Obama’s childish foreign policy knows no bounds. Ukrainians are a little peeved that the US contribution to their sovereignty consisted primarily of a twitter hashtag, and some low-carb military rations. (Oh, by the way: Why are we sending Ukrainians “non-lethal” aid and diet sodas, while we’re simultaneously shipping RPGs and AK-47s to Islamists in Syria? If this is how Nobel Laureates conduct foreign policy, I want George Patton back.)

I hope Obama takes blame credit for all this. (God knows he’s earned it.) Jen Psaki is basically arguing that emperor Nero should have taken more credit for reshaping the skyline of Rome. Deteriorating faster than George Bush’s popularity among Democrats, the Obama foreign policy doctrine looks, increasingly, as if it was written with a crayon on some kids menu from Red Robin. (Wait… Is Joe Biden a part of this?)

Putin is getting the Soviet band back together; the Middle East is engaged in a shooting war over who hates Americans more; and the rest of the world is busy wondering why a Nobel Laureate seems so interested in tapping the phones of German Prime Ministers (hey, seriously: you should keep an eye on those Germans). Really, there are only two possible explanations for America’s sudden case of impotence and irrelevance: Either Obama’s brilliant Blofeld plan to orchestrate world peace has gone horribly wrong, or he really has no idea what he’s doing.

And let’s face it: when an administration’s primary diplomatic tool seems to be social networking (because terrorists are so concerned about retweets), it’s pretty safe to assume they have no idea what they’re doing.

On the bright side, Jen: Putin probably gives Barry plenty of credit for current world events.