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The Washington Post Trolls for Anti-Gun Stories on Sandy Hook Anniversary:

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Not feeling as if they have adequately displayed their anti-gun bias, the Washington Post is trolling the nation for stories of “gun violence” to feature on its pages. In an episode of leftist crowdsourcing, the liberally inclined WaPo is asking its readers “What’s your gun number?” Mine is .45… Although I am also partial to the 7.62x39. Of course, the Post isn’t asking about caliber preferences. Instead they are asking, on the anniversary of Sandy Hook, for its readers to share personal stories of “gun violence”. (And I don’t get the impression that self-defense stories will make the cut.)


According to Breitbart:

In a story titled, "What's your gun number? Share your gun story," the WaPo provides a form readers can fill out and submit online. The form asks questions like, "How many people do you know who have been killed or injured by gun violence?" and "If you were in charge, how would you change gun policy in the U.S.?"

I can’t quite decide what is more insulting: The Post’s complete lack of journalistic neutrality, or their appalling disregard for investigative journalism.

Of course from a liberal standpoint, a more forceful narrative is needed if “progress” is to be made on gun control. After all, the Michael Bloombergs of the world out spent pro-gun organizations (like the NRA) seven to one last year. According to Adage.com, over $14 million were poured into TV advertising that pushed the concept of tighter restrictions on guns. Only $1.9 million was spent promoting freedom and Second Amendment interests.

Despite the massive sweep of campaign efforts to curb the rights of law abiding citizens (after all, it is still illegal to murder people), gun laws have largely been loosened throughout the nation. In states such as New New York (Colorado) where gun control measures were successfully passed, historic recalls and Sheriff-lead mutinies captivated the news cycle as citizens revolted against new infringements on their right to bear arms.

And just to drive home the point that it’s not merely linguini-spined politicians that are failing the anti-gunner’s hopes for a firearm-free America, gun stocks have climbed at record pace as their products sell in increasingly greater numbers.


ABC reported the news that gun manufacturers were turning record profits with a sense of horror and bewilderment:

If you thought that gun makers might have suffered in the year following the Newtown massacre, you'd be wrong. Their business briefly plunged. But it has since rebounded now to levels higher than before the Dec. 14 tragedy.

Bloomberg News also huffed over the fact that the private equity group Cerberus had yet to sell their share in the company that manufactures the inherently evil Bushmaster rifle.

What ABC news, Bloomberg Financial, and even the Washington Post fail to grasp is that sales for firearms are up, not because of Sandy Hook, but because of discussions about banning certain guns. After all, the surest way to bump the profits of Smith and Wesson is to have Obama and Piers Morgan start prattling on about further infringement on Second Amendment rights.

The anti-gun media is also missing a larger issue. It’s not as if there is anything particularly more evil about violence conducted with the aid of a firearm. One of the largest mass murders in American history was perpetrated with nine box-cutters. Fertilizer was the tool of choice in America’s second largest mass murder. The evil that permeates in the minds of murders and madmen will not be quelled by a high-capacity magazine ban, universal background checks, or cosmetic restrictions on semi-auto rifles.

The Anniversary of Sandy Hook should be a time for reflection and national remembrance. It is not, despite the tasteless actions of our national media, a time to renew the Left’s campaign for national adoption of Sandy-Hook’s “gun free” policies. After all, it’s not as if the concept of a “gun-free zone” has worked that well for schools, universities, government buildings or movie theaters.


The Washington Post’s audacious attempt to propagandize for the anti-gun Left in America is matched only by their dedication to ignore stories of armed citizens saving lives. Perhaps the WaPo should be asking their readers what gun they would like law enforcement to carry at their child’s school.

Rather than promoting the proliferation of anti-gun sentiment, maybe we should just focus on remembering the innocent victims who lost their lives in all those gun-free zones.

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