America? Mother Banned From Daughter’s School Because of Gun Permit

Posted: Nov 07, 2013 12:01 AM

Prejudicial harassment of certain citizens, simply because of their life choices or cultural values, is an ugly pattern among the left. An African American woman was recently told by a school principle that – even though her child attended the school – she was no longer permitted to engage in school activities, volunteer at school functions, or even “trespass” on school property. . . The laughable reason given in the school’s decision to ban the parent? The parent’s concealed weapon permit “frightened” the school’s principle.

According to WRDW in Augusta, Tanya Mount posted a picture of her new concealed carry permit on her Facebook page. According to Mount, an Army Veteran and parent volunteer at McBean Elementary School, the posting caught the attention of the school’s principal, who promptly made it known that Mount was no longer welcomed on school property.

Police even threatened criminal trespass charges if Mount ignored the principal’s request.

Keep in mind, it’s not as if this is an objection to Mount wielding her .45 caliber 1911 around the Kindergarten playground. (Even with a Concealed Weapons permit, citizens are legally restricted from carrying a firearm on school property.) Instead this is a reaction to the public knowledge that Mount has the legal authority to carry a weaponoutsideofrestrictedareas. Apparently the principal, Janina Dallas, issued the prejudicial order against Mount because “she felt afraid” after learning of the Facebook post. (After all, aren’t all gun owners an argument away from becoming murderous psychopaths?)

The fear of Mount’s interest in personal defense seems fairly strange, given that the permit is unequivocal proof that Mount is alaw-abidingcitizen. As far as I know, there are no permits required for violent mass shootings, or breeching a “gun free zone” with malicious intent. A concealed carry permit holder is, quite literally, a card carrying good-guy that has been vetted by local police. If judging by historical trends, Mount is the last person in the county that would prove to be a risk to anyone at that school. . . In fact, her daughter is likely never safer than when she is with her gun-toting mother. And, while acting in accordance with the law, Mount will leave her means of defense behind while volunteering on school grounds.

Which brings us to the larger issue at hand: We’ve gotten to a point where the irrational are making the rules by which the rest of society is expected to live. The principal, inexplicably, feels justified and righteous in her actions due to her hoplophobia. Dallas allowed her irrational fear of inanimate objects overwhelm her judgment, to such a point, that the mere knowledge that Mount possessed a firearm qualified her for prejudicial treatment.

Imagine if this African American woman had been banned from school grounds for having engaged in an equally legal (and innocuous) activity. . . Such as applying for volunteer work at a Planned Parenthood, or voting for the local progressive candidate? (After all, voting for progressives prove to be far more dangerous to the general public than safely concealing a firearm in a fashion consistent with state law.)

At issue is more than the principal’s absurd action of discrimination and irrationality. We’ve lost a basic staple of traditional Americanism in many pockets of this great nation. Thereusedto be a laissez-faire mentality in American culture. What did not directly impact someone, was left to the recesses of consciousness. This live-and-let-live mentality has eroded into an acceptance of interventionist governance.

So, in Georgia a principal banned a gun owning parent from her son’s campus. In New York, we have a mayor who wishes to regulate the size of soft drinks. Under George W. Bush we had a government mandate outlawing incandescent light bulbs. Nancy Pelosi and Company decided it wastheirjob as lawmakers to dictate towe the peoplewhat healthcare we should be allowed to purchase. And the list goes on.

There is a growing belief among the American left: that they can openly ridicule, harass and illegitimatize the rest of America into submission. Mount is merely the most recent victim of the increasingly prejudiced and discriminatory nature of liberal arrogance.

But at least Janina Dallas will feel safer without a gun owning Army Veteran visiting the school on a regular basis.

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