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Speaking to a group of Veterans, President Barack Obama tried to make his case for ending the sequester. “We’ve got these reckless, across-the-board budget cuts called the sequester that are hitting a lot of folks hard,” Obama said. One can only assume these are the same “across the board” and “reckless” cuts that he proposed as part of the 2011 Budget Control Act, and let go into place by refusing to compromise on entitlement spending early this year. The President went on to say that without the repeal of these “reckless” cuts (which were passed with bi-partisan approval, and signed by his hand) disabled veterans should expect a reduction in benefits.

The President was speaking to the group about disability claims, and benefits for disabled veterans. The president touted the “progress” the Federal Government is making in reducing the backlog of claims. Currently, there are around a half a million disabled vets who are backlogged in the system. A true testament to government-run healthcare. (Good news. . . This inefficient, ineffective, backlogged system is likely to reflect the future of Healthcare in a post-Obamacare world.)

With the tone of an innocent bystander, the President explained that Congress recklessly slashed the budget (um. . . More on that in a minute) and will soon begin slashing benefits for veterans, unless Legislators start acting more liberal. According to Obama, the “reckless” act of reducing the growth in government spending by $85 billion per year is going to result in massive chaos. Of course, our Federal Reserve is printing that much, and injecting it into the economy, every month with their Quantitative Easing program. . . But, yeah, “reckless.”

At one point Obama explained, “going forward, the best way to protect the VA care you have earned, is to get rid of this sequester.” Yeah. . . Or – ya know – pass a budget. But, I guess that might be asking too much of Harry Reid. Of course, Obama’s comments brought up a number of questions. First of all, Obama indicated that benefits have so far remained untouched because of his personal intervention, saying “I made it clear that your veteran’s benefits are exempt from this year’s sequester.” And for a man who can unilaterally elect not to implement certain provisions of his own healthcare law, it would seem he’d have no problem sheltering VA benefits moving forward. If he can, with the stroke of his pen, selectively implement any law as he sees fit. . . Why exactly do we need to rid ourselves of the sequester?

The President railed against a budget cut – that was actually a reduction in the growth of spending – that he proposed in an effort to blackmail Republicans into going along with a debt increase. And more than that, he acted as if he was merely a spectator in the process that may – or may not – lead to certain budget cuts that could – or could not – lead to peripheral damage that might – or might not – impact VA benefits.

Of course, we could also ensure VA benefits moving forward by streamlining the process, and eliminating bureaucratic red tape. We could potentially pass a budget through both houses of Congress and have the President sign it. We could reduce our spending in other areas, and re-prioritize our increasing tax revenue. According to our campaigner in chief, however, the only answer resides in doing exactly what he says.

What is so miraculous about the President’s remarks, is his attempt to deflect any responsibility, while simultaneously handing out stealthily veiled ultimatums. His message was clear: Only he can protect VA benefits. . . If congress (read: Republicans) does exactly what he thinks they should.  

More miraculous than Obama’s uncanny ability to act like a spectator of Washington DC politics, is the media’s willingness to perpetuate this narrative. In a sane world, with honest reporting, the President’s comments about improving disability backlogs, fretting over future budget cuts, and “saving” the VA from “reckless” sequester cuts would have been met with righteous indignation. Next we will hear that only Obama can save the American people from the impacts of Obamacare.

And, unfortunately, our media will tag along with the White House narrative; no matter how responsible Obama is to the crises he’s claiming to fix. 

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