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Republicans relish the idea of impoverished people across the nation dying slow agonizing deaths without access to healthcare. At least, that’s what our President believes. Holding a press conference right before his luxurious vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (which I hear is fantastic this time of year) the President said that “the one unifying principle the Republican Party has, is making sure that 30 million people don’t have health-care.” The comment was absurd, disingenuous, and indicative of Liberal’s inability to defend their ideas.

The comment was made in regards to three conservative Republicans who are leading an effort to essentially defund the Affordable Care Act. Republican Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio are calling on the GOP to vote down any continuing resolution (those bills we use to fund the Federal Government when Harry Reid refuses to pass a budget) that includes funding for Obamacare. Oh. . . And it turns out that far from being “unifying”, the move is creating deep rifts within the GOP.

Internal GOP Politics aside, the idea has generated an impressive amount of angst among top Democrats. But at heart is the President’s ridiculous assertion that the GOP, represented by these three anti-establishment members, is motivated by apparent callousness and sadism.

The left routinely employs over-the-top rhetoric to discredit the messengers rather than the message. To assert that an entire political party is motivated by the desire to see American citizens without health insurance should be beneath any President. Animosity toward the Affordable Care Act resides mostly in the legislation’s uncanny ability to reduce job growth, add to the Federal Budget, increase taxes, and hike premiums.

But, according to the President, opponents of the Legislation simply hate poor people. Our national community organizer, Barack Obama, is not the only person who believes this. In fact, it is a foundational principle of Liberalism: Opponents are not merely wrong in their thinking, or misguided in their efforts, but intrinsically opposed to wide spread prosperity and betterment of the human condition.

The President’s petty remarks about a handful of GOP senators is not aimed at encouraging reconciliation or bipartisanship. It is aimed at portraying his political opposition as cruel and uncaring. An odd characterization as he heads to vacation while his constituency continues to struggle in unemployment and an ailing economy. What is so curious about the President’s moral arrogance, is the fact that little good has ever come from Progressive ideas. In fact, human suffering, a deterioration of the human condition, and ultimate devolution of individual liberty are all consequences of “progressive” concepts. . (Click here to read their atrocious record on civil rights, as an example.)

Mr. President, your signature piece of legislation has forced millions from their full time job. It has forced millions more into increased premiums, ironically making coverage less affordable. Your reform has increased dependence on the government, diminished individual liberty, reduced private control of health care decisions, and introduced cold (uncaring) bureaucracy into the most intimate portion of American’s lives. (And I’m not even mentioning the HHS’s attempts to force religious organizations and individuals to act against their conscience.)

Shame on you Mr. President. Under your watch, more Americans are experiencing hardship than any time in the past decade. If compassion is the litmus test for reasonable political action, Cruz, Rubio and Lee should be applauded, as they are fighting for an increase in the only condition that has ever lead to widespread prosperity: Liberty.

Besides, Obamacare is still expected to leave 20 some-odd million Americans uninsured. But that’s okay, because the IRS will simply tax those people. Now that’s compassion.  

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