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AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Hawaii suffered one of the worst wildfires in American history; it’s undoubtedly the deadliest in the modern era, surpassing California's hellacious 2018 Camp Creek Road fire. We’ve yet to determine the origin of the Maui fires, but we shouldn’t be shocked if the cause was due to electrical wires. 

High winds from a hurricane system off the coast of the state might have caused the spark to ignite this inferno. Hawaii does not have protocols to cut power to lines that are in harm’s way of dangerous winds. Electrical wiring is how the 2018 California fire started. So far, the death toll has reached over 90 people, nearly 1,000 are still missing, and Joe Biden is AWOL. 

The geriatric president vacationed on Rehoboth Beach over the weekend, either blissfully unaware that unspeakable tragedy has struck Hawaii or doesn’t care. It might be a combination of both, since his moments of lucidness come and go like passing tides. There could be much investigative work across various agencies, as Maui residents claim that the emergency system on the island never went off as the wildfires approached populated areas. Furthermore, Hawaii’s leading electrical company, Hawaiian Electric, appears to have been aware of potential fires being started from wires subjected to strong winds. It knew shutting down power to specific sectors could be an effective mitigating factor but never made it an official policy. 

However, this work will begin once relief efforts are completed, and the death toll is finally tallied. Biden could drop in, as any president should when a historic natural disaster strikes the country. He could send Vice President Kamala Harris to the island, though he risks a public relations nightmare as she’s bound to serve reporters another heaping helping of word salad. Either way, someone should go—that’s not even a debate. 

And yet, when asked about the rising death toll in Hawaii, Biden curtly said, “No comment.” This wasn’t an LSAT question, Joe. It wasn’t a Fox News reporter—it was a softball. Americans are dead; how do you feel? Democrats have peddled the failed “illusion of access” talking point to defend the Biden family from their sleazy and increasingly impeachable government access deals. What's really illusory is Joe Biden’s empathy, a hallmark characteristic of the increasingly decrepit president. Bits and pieces about Biden’s personality have emerged, and they’re not good. He’s a terror to his staff. 

The Biden White House is defending their dithering by declaring they don’t want to be a distraction to relief efforts. That doesn’t sell when the man is caught on the beach grumpy and refuses to comment on the disaster. Is it because Joe is too tired to do the job? Or is it due to this administration’s equally heinous reaction to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, back in February? 

It was not a wildfire that killed nearly 100 people, but it could’ve created an environmental catastrophe as toxic chemicals spilled everywhere. After days of refusing to address the train crash, Joe Biden dispatched his failed transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, decked out in the latest Brooks Brothers disaster gear, to observe the damage. East Palestine is Trump country, and there were legitimate suspicions that the torpid response from the White House was politically motivated. And while I’m not defending this president, I could see how the optics could be atrocious if he hopped on Air Force One immediately to Hawaii, a deep blue state, when Biden hasn’t even visited East Palestine. 

Biden should have gone to Ohio and then wouldn’t be in this game of public relations bingo with natural disasters. When these incidents happen, you visit the area. His incompetence has bitten him again, and I feel he will have to revisit once the death toll counts are revised and the relief aid stream continues to be labored. I’m sure Peter Doocy will be there to ask why he only visits disasters that occur in states that voted for him, and it will be Joe’s own doing. 

Will Maui become Joe Biden’s ‘Katrina’ moment? 



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