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White House Steward Joe Biden went full fascist in his abysmal September 1 remarks about MAGA Republicans. The speech was already corrosive and repugnant, but to not even stand by it less than 24 hours later makes you wonder what is going on at the White House. 

We could have several 26-episode seasons about these head-spinning moments, where it does seem like no one is in charge, even with the speechwriting staff. In his address, delivered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Biden looked like a dark Lord of the Sith and declared anyone who doesn't agree with him an enemy of the state. Mr. Unity took what Hillary Clinton did in 2016 and poured kerosene on it. 

What were the speech's political benefits besides making himself feel better? Did Joe cannibalize a primetime media slot where he could have addressed any other issue, like our economy being in recession, to stroke the egos of the tiniest sliver of America?

I'm talking about the Acela Corridor, the coasts, and the urban bastions that make up the core of the Democratic Party's power base. The backbone of the left is not working-class voters or even Hispanics now—they've flocked toward the Republican Party. It's wealthy, woke, college-educated whites who have all but taken over. These voters ate up this speech in the same way that Hunter Biden smokes crack cocaine. The so-called president of the United States re-confirmed their moral superiority complex, which is grounded in the belief that anyone who doesn't share their worldview, culturally or politically, is a hopeless country bumpkin with little to no worth. The irony here is that 75 percent or so without a higher education degree are bailing these people out regarding their college loans.

Nevertheless, the speech for sure energized the whiny, woke, white legions because abortion and using a fake lexicon to replace a supposedly racist language—plain English—are the only things these voters are concerned about these days. They're also less than a quarter of the population, and not all are hardcore Democrats. College-educated men are now an R-plus 10 group. They were D-plus 16 in 2018. That's not a winning coalition, though Democrats need these people to turn out to avoid destruction.  

Not so long ago, it looked like Democrats wouldn't be shellacked as severely in the midterms for a short period. Those numbers have returned to Earth, with Biden's approvals sinking into the high-30s. The GOP leadership looked like they would deliver the biggest in-kind contribution to the Democratic Party's 2022 efforts by doing nothing to help their slate of candidates this cycle. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) seems more concerned about how to use the National Republican Senatorial Committee to promote his profile. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) opted to wallow in total defeatism, saying the Senate Republican campaign to retake the upper chamber was over because he didn't like the mold of candidate that emerged victorious in the primaries. Now, a deluge of Republican money could be pouring in the crucial final weeks of the 2022 cycle, funds that have been lacking for months. Still, for every progressive excited by Joe's speech, he loses several others.

Maybe that explains why Biden backtracked on the remarks less than 24 hours later, saying that not all Trump supporters are threats to the country. He added that anyone who refuses to acknowledge an election has been won and calls for political violence is dangerous to our republic. Well, no kidding, Joe. First, these people have been around for quite some time—the Ku Klux Klan, a Democratic Party creation, has engaged in a decades-long campaign of political violence and intimidation. They've been relegated to societal Loserville, but the Klan exists. They still hold pernicious beliefs about race and politics. Are these people worthy of an over-the-top and egregiously tone-deaf speech at Independence Hall? No.

There are neo-Nazi groups, wacky Christian Identity sects, and a slew of anti-government organizations who are abjectly insane in their agenda items. They're not an existential threat and never have been. These organizations often have internal struggles that hamstring them from being anything but a bunch of no-names who just yell into the air. George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, was assassinated in 1967 by a former member expelled from the party. Overall, most of these groups call for the destruction of our government and replacing it with a racist, authoritarian dictatorship or theocracy.

Whacky, extremist political groups aren't a problem; they've always been around. If the right to free speech and association is maintained, there will always be some cuckoo groups forming in America.

What is highly pressing is our struggling economy, inflation, illegal immigration, the rise of fentanyl, and the spike in violent crime. A string of juveniles being shot in Prince George's County, Maryland, has led to a curfew for teenagers. Biden didn't mention any of these top issues for voters. Instead, he attacked MAGA Republicans as if they were a political minority. It was a tomahawk throw against the GOP proper and missed the target.

And again, we saw how this White House is adrift and incompetent regarding crisis management.


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