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The Dobbs decision has been released. Roe v. Wade has been overturned. This wasn't a shock. If anyone was paying attention, you knew this was going to happen. I'm not talking about the news coverage or even the questioning during the arguments of this case. The Supreme Court leaker spilled the beans. We all knew Roe was going to be overturned. The leak has damaged the institution. It's shattered the trust among the justices and their staffers. This is an institution that is isolated from what the public wants. It's not the Court's job to cave to what the public wants. Society is kept up to date by the legislature. It's why I chuckle when I see all these polls about the Supreme Court's approval. No one cares. These people are there for life. They couldn't care less if everyone hates them. It's not their job to please. Yet, the leaker is still at large. What seemed to be a case where someone might squeal due to the small pool, no one has—and that's a problem. 

Who the hell is it? There are nine justices and their staff. It's not like the suspect pool is the size of a city. In May, the clerks were asked to turn over their phone records to authorities. The size and scope of the order might have compelled clerks to seek out lawyers due to the penalties involved. It's now almost July—and nothing. Nothing. 

We discussed this on the Triggered podcast. It's very possible that the leaker isn't even a clerk to one of the Supreme Court justices. It could have been a custodian or someone who is in those offices every day, saw the opinion left in the open by a careless clerk, and then shipped it off to the media. I guess that's possible. 

Folks, the FBI was arresting people weeks and months after rioters stormed the US Capitol on January 6 using a vast array of digital investigative methods, including facial recognition. They can't find someone in a suspect pool that's significantly smaller, really? 

Reality Winner, the NSA leaker who was busted for leaking classified intelligence documents to The Intercept, was busted when investigators noted that the document scanned by the publication looked folded and creased. A quick search into who printed the file was reviewed, and Winner's name came up. She admitted to stuffing the sensitive documents into her pantyhose. 

The leaker of classified information was easily caught, indicted, and convicted. We can't find someone who doled out a Supreme Court opinion? It's been nearly 60 days since the leak. The investigation is ongoing, and no one is saying anything. Is this an episode of the "First 48," the critical period in which police need to find a lead in a murder investigation? There is no murder here, obviously, but the window to solving the case closes rapidly if nothing comes up. 

Well, after nearly three months, it looks as if the leaker has gotten away with it. As Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network told Daily Wire, the inability to identify and punish the leaker will only incentivize this activity

 “I would hope that the Chief Justice is treating the investigation with great urgency given that the current clerks are nearly done with the term and he will soon lose whatever leverage he currently has,” Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino told The Daily Wire.

Severino suggested that “pressure to get to the bottom of the leak may wane” now that the court has issued its opinion on Dobbs.

“Unfortunately, a failure to identify and punish the culprit will only incentivize future leaks — serving to undermine the functioning of the Court and potentially endanger the justices,” she added. 

And given how "woke" and unhinged the left has become, this horde of new lawyers, social justice warriors that they are—will undoubtedly create havoc when they see opinions they don't like. 


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