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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Well, it happened. President Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus. As a precaution, he was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda. Look, this could’ve been pneumonia and a hospital stay would’ve also been the prudent decision. The president recently returned to the White House, leaving Walter Reed around 6:30 PM last evening. The president is ill. He’s fighting a viral infection, but the real sick puppies were the national media. Once again, they earned their "enemies of the people" moniker.

They could hardly contain their joy. They wanted Trump to die. It’s plain and simple. They hate this man. Are we shocked? If they didn’t outwardly express that, the insufferable condescending tone seeped through with lectures about the importance of facts and how if no one follows what they say—this can happen.

Yeah, these folks still think they’re special. They still think we need to listen to them. We don’t. And we shouldn’t. They don’t know jack s***. How do we know this? Well, they still offer Black Lives Matter protests and riots political cover, conveniently not reporting about social distancing and masks, and inviting quack doctors who think racism is just as bad as COVID. This happened all summer. It’s a clown show. So, once again, we’re back to protesting to re-open businesses to feed families is bad; it’s white supremacy. But protesting causes that are anti-Trump is good. Be outside. The virus is non-transmissible. This is the medical expert community in 2020. This is the liberal media in 2020. Shut up, you worthless pieces of trash.

Also, I’ve never seen such unhinged behavior as well. We have people calling for Walter Reed to be defunded because Trump was admitted there. I’m not kidding. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin had a full-blown meltdown. In fact, throughout Trump’s stay, one could argue that she needed a wellness check. He did a drive-by past supporters while wearing a mask, which caused a level-10 meltdown again, with liberal media folks feigning concern about—get this—Trump’s Secret Service detail. You see, the president was putting them at risk. Uh, the Secret Service is a protective detail; they’re always at risk, you pratz.

Then, there was the 25th Amendment talk, where we can rehash why we laugh at the medical experts. These clowns make InfoWars look moderate. Trump took therapeutics. He’s incapacitated, they said. Invoke the 25th Amendment now! A face shield was necessary to avoid being splattered by the froth emanating from these people’s mouths. I mean, it’s no longer Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s Trump rabies. The mere talk about invoking the 25th Amendment merely because you don’t like how the 2016 election turned out is insane. It should be illegal; that’s fomenting a coup. That’s sedition. It should warrant the revoking of these people’s medical licenses.

As Trump got treatment to get better, the news media got something worse than COVID. They’re the real sick puppies in this tale. A class of people so sick of being ignored that they jumped for glee when the man who has abused, humiliated, and degraded them for the pigs that they are got sick. I get the reaction, but it was warranted. These are terrible, terrible people. They deserve to be slapped around. And you all know they were waiting for a day like this, as the hope of Trump dying, the death wishing, reached fever pitch. When Trump left the hospital, you could tell a lot of folks were very unhappy. They wanted him to die.

Alas, Trump owned again by simply living. He is risen indeed. 

Patriots, Republicans, and normal people, this should only motivate you to vote more come November. It should give you the urge to knock on doors, make phone calls, and remind like-minded folks to vote as well. Our greatest revenge is giving Trump a second term. We own the libs by winning and not listening to their nonsensical coverage that is nothing more than death porn at this point. COVID porn is over. It’s lost its stimulation with these liberal folks. It’s now wishing death upon Trump and hoping he dies. That’s how bad this has become.

Again, get even by voting.


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