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President Kamala to the Rescue?

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It is very obvious now that Joe Biden is a serious problem for Democrats.  The Special Counsel report was devastating, and Biden’s presser only made it worse.  We must understand that all Special Counsels are ultimatelyDeep State cronies.  They will do everything they can to protect it, which means defending Democrats as ferociouslyas possible.  There must be some façade of fairness” and “impartiality, so they will admit some wrong-doing by Democrats, but excuses not to prosecute will be found.  Former FBI Director James Comey freely exposed Hillary Clinton’s criminality but then said she shouldn’t be prosecuted. And now Robert Hur did the same with Biden, citing some utterly asinine rationales.  Donald Trump is only three years younger than Biden, but he can be charged for the same thing Biden did because, apparently, Trump isn’t as cognitively impaired.  That is an insult to the intelligence of the American people, which admittedly, isn’t currently astronomical.  


But, at all costs, the Deep State must protect its own. Joe Biden is a part of the Deep State; Donald Trump isn’t.

However, this kind of utter disingenuousness will only fool the most die-hard Leftist, and not even all of them.  They know what Biden is.  But Leftists are going to make excuses for Biden; they will exonerate him through all his foibles, because they like what he (and his puppet masters) are doing, i.e., destroying America, the country they hate more than any other in the world.  It’s the logical conclusion of their atheistic philosophy:  if there is no God to rule the world, then the highest form of authority becomes government.  And that government should be controlled bythe Left.  Thus, freedom, free speech, Christianity, and “America First” are wholly anathema to them.  Leftism is their religion, and they will overlook any faults of its exponents who are in power.  Love covers a multitude of sins.

But the problem the Democrats face now is that Biden’ssenility (as well as his criminal family activities) arebecoming so manifest that even the “mainstream media,” which has, up-to-now, included Biden’s staunchest apologistsand allies, is straining to defend him.  He is making THEMlook stupid and foolish, and they can’t abide that.  But, more than that, he might actually lose to Trump this year, and there is no greater horror imaginable than a second Trump presidency.  This is Armageddon, the end of the world, Putin and Carlson all rolled into one.  The worst nightmare conceivable.


Something must be done about Biden.

The MSM, and all of Leftism, has shielded Biden all they can, but they aren’t sure they can drag him across the finish line—or that they should even try any more.  As noted,they are starting to worry that he MIGHT lose to Trump.  Maybe he needs to go, and maybe he needs to go RIGHT NOW.

I’m not going to make any specific predictions here because I’m not a prophet inspired by God to know exact future events.  But I will say that it would not surprise me, in the least, if Biden were forced out very soon in favor of Kamala Harris.  This has some advantages for Democrats.  A few of them:

1.  She isn’t Joe Biden.  That’s the main plus.

2.  Two, it would save them from any kind of potentiallydivisive primary or convention fight soon before the electionover who their candidate would be.  She would be the nominee.  The Democrats, if they did run Biden out of townnow and put Kamala in the White House before the election, would have to be willing to live with her as their nominee this year.  Admittedly, that is problematic at best.  Hence, the Democrats’ problem.

3.  She punches many of the right buttons for them.  She’s black and she’s a woman—and those two things might stem some of the bleeding of black and female voters towards Trump (if there are any).  Democrats must have blacks and women to win; that was a main reason why Kamala was put on the ticket in 2020 in the first place.  Putting her at the top of the ticket certainly wouldn’t hurt them much, if any, with those two constituencies.


4.  She would also be very controllable—as Biden is.

But the problem with Kamala is that polls show she is perhaps even less popular than Biden, even though she really doesn’t get very much exposure.  She just appears to be so...dumb, and I hate to be ugly, but it’s the truth.  Putting her at the summit, making her campaign for all the world to see, is probably not going to cure that perspective.  Of course, Leftists don’t care how dumb Kamala is any more than they care how senile Biden is.  The Left will support any Democrat they think can win because their Deep State will attempt to control the government anyway.

But this is the conundrum the Democrats face now.  Can Biden win?  If not, how can he be gotten rid of?  He’ll only go kicking and screaming.  Dumping him now and installing Kamala would simplify some things for them.  

But can SHE win the Presidency?  That’s the $64 question they would have to consider.

We shouldn’t feel in the least bit sorry for Democrats.  They made this bed, they have to sleep in it.  Their biggest dilemma is that their entire philosophy, from the ground up,is wrong and will produce grievous results in any country where it is applied.  That’s what America is currentlysuffering through.  But they aren’t going to give up their religion.


Biden won’t be easy to get rid of.  But he CAN be gotten rid of—somehow.  And Democrats very likely are going to do it.  The only questions are, when, and to be replaced by whom?

Kamala to the rescue?  Or maybe Big Mike? 

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