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“Useful idiots” is what Vladimir Lenin called them.  He was describing people who were too mentally dull or naïve to realize they were being exploited to accomplish the will of someone else.   People who might otherwise be decent folk, but had been brainwashed, mis-educated, twisted—whatever term you want to use—to unwittingly accomplish the nefarious goals of some higher power(s) who had a grander scheme in operation.  Like Lenin’s communism.


But “useful idiots” aren’t limited to just communists.  Hitler used them, too.  Any demagogue does.  He will never be successful without them because, eventually, the masses must be on board—or totally terrorized—for any revolution to triumph.  A certain number of “useful idiots” are always necessary.

I don’t know, specifically, who is controlling the Left’s movement today.  It isn’t one, single individual, of course.  Maybe it’s the “Deep State” in Washington, the “World Economic Forum,” the Chinese Communist Party, the CIA—I don’t know.  The possibilities and intricacies are almost limitless.  But I do know there is a huge, deliberate, Leftist movement in the world today.  And it is using multitudes of “useful idiots” to achieve its objective of globalist control.   And it has been incredibly successful, and is gaining speed in America, largely thanks to the Democratic Party, which contains the biggest nest of “useful idiots” on the globe.  RINOs are helping, too.  We call it the “Uniparty” now.

I do know Joe Biden isn’t the Director of this Leftist movement.  Biden isn’t intelligent enough.  He’s a puppet, that’s all he is:  the consummate “useful idiot.”  Totally devoid of any intellectual ability, principle, wisdom, or vision, he is putty in the hands of others.  He does what he is told by some who are more intellectually in tune with the whole Leftist movement, who must really chuckle at Biden’s inane, blind conformity.


It is critical to understand that the world’s “Leftist” movement hates America—traditional America—along with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, capitalism, freedom—anything that it perceives as standing in its way to total globalization and world hegemony.  The Left loathes many things, and among those is the American military.

And it is this hatred that is at work here.

The U.S. Navy is using a drag queen to try to influence people to join its ranks.  Recruitment has been plummeting in all branches of the American armed forces for the simple reason that the patriotic people who tend to join the services are revolted by the woke-ism they see being foisted upon, and thus weakening, the military.  The purpose is all wrong.  The military is not an experiment in social engineering; it is designed to protect certain cherished values that define and unite a nation.  But now, the Navy is using one of the things most despised by decent, God-fearing, American-loving people to try to attract more recruits.   They can’t expect success.  And, again, the powers behind the movement know this, and don’t WANT success.

You can call this stupid if you want to.  And, on the surface, it is.  Except, again, it’s deliberate.  As noted, the traditional American military is one of the Left’s most reviled enemies.  Destroy it.   And the best way to do it is fill it full of moral weaklings rather than people who are willing to die to defend the long-cherished values American patriots have always been willing to sacrifice their lives for.


What MAN will be persuaded to join the Navy at the behest of a drag queen?  What patriotic, American-loving individual is going to be willing to give his/her life for a perversion that’s main aim is to recruit, not military people, but children to join a lifestyle these God-loving patriots abhor?  Who is keen to die for that kind of America?

If Biden’s goal is to have a bunch of pansy recruits for the purpose of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” then he might get a few.  A few.  That is all they will get with this.  But no sane person would believe this is the way to build the leanest, meanest fighting machine in the world composed of men and women who love America and are ready to die for it.  Again, no true MAN (or true woman) will be enticed to enlist by a drag queen who revolts them.  Biden, the current poster boy of “useful idiocy,” is way too oblivious, or uncaring, to know that.  But those who are plotting the downfall and destruction of the United States understand exactly what they are doing.  Eliminate from the military the men and women who are truly willing to sacrifice their lives to defend American values.  Replace them with people who are more concerned with their sexual preference and hedonistic pleasures.  The Left’s leadership knows that a military must be composed of people whose highest love is God, their families, and their country, not themselves.  Self-love and fleshly gratification will run at the first bullet fired.  Patriotism and devotion will take the bullet to protect higher, nobler values.   “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” are not among those values.  Not if it includes drag queens who are trying to recruit children to mutilate for the carnal pleasure of sexual mutants.  I wouldn’t give my life for that kind of country, and I don’t think I am alone in that.


If the Biden administration wants a military full of deviants, the Navy’s plan is the perfect way to do it.  If it wants a military that can beat China and Russia, this is stupidity gone to seed.  

But it’s not stupidity.  It’s the employment of “useful idiots” for the express purpose of weakening a vital part of America’s strength.  How much more of this “useful idiocy” can the nation endure?

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