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Racism, Inc.

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Hopefully, more and more Americans are becoming aware that modern liberalism is moving increasingly away from any semblance of normalized, rational thought and behavior.  The Left’s whole mindset has become radicalized.  One of the Democratic Party’s main coalitions, of course, is based on “race” and “racism,” and thus their followers are being trained to think in those terms and see almost everything through a “racial” lens.  It is ludicrous in the extreme, but is an unwavering staple of modern Leftist thought.  It isn’t really “thought,” it’s brainwashing, a blind acceptance of propaganda with no real evidence to support it.


A guy named Greg recently compiled a list of headlines of things you never knew were racist, and “Not the Bee” published them. I don’t know the rationale why some of these things are “racist”; I have better things to do than read all these articles.  But I do want to share these headlines, and where they came from (if noted), to demonstrate what a horrible person you are:

1. “Is the word ‘picnic’ racist?” (The Inquirer).  I guess we can’t go on picnics anymore, or we must call them something else.  I don’t know what.

2. “Peanut Butter, Jelly and Racism” (The New York Times).  I was a racist yesterday because I had a PB&J sandwich for lunch.  Shame on me.

3. “American cycling has a racism problem” (The Washington Post).  Go sell your kid’s bike so that you can be woke.

4. “Meet the Black women pushing for equality in swimming” (CNN).   Stay out of the pool, you bigot.

5. “Is coffee racist?  How drinking coffee perpetuates white supremacy.”  I wonder if drinking water is racist, too, or if it’s just when you add coffee beans.

6. “’Panty porn’ trend rooted in racist, sexist behavior: Loyola professor.”  If you transfer cereal, or other such items, from their boxes into glass, plastic, or plexiglass containers, you are a racist.  Apparently, “cleanliness upholds racism.”  Dirty cleanliness...ugh.


7. “PETA says phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ are comparable to racism and homophobia” (CNN).  I guess pigs are racist homophobes.   

I’m just reporting this stuff, folks, I haven’t a clue what they are talking about.  Let’s continue.

8. “All of Shakespeare’s Plays Are About Race” (The Atlantic).  And you only read them because you are a slobbering racist.

9. “Philosophy’s systemic racism” (aeon).   The genius who penned this article offered the following byline: “It’s not just that Hegel and Rousseau were racists.   Racism was baked into the very structure of their dialectical philosophy.”  Um, does that mean Marx was a racist, too?  Can we conclude that all Leftists, whose philosophy is largely based on Marxist dialectics, are racists?  Do these people think before they write?  I can answer THAT one:  no.

10. “Welsh language use branded ‘racist’ and ‘excludes minorities,’ report finds.”  I guess minorities are legally forbidden to speak Welsh.

11. “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness” (Time).   Quit exercising, you are a white supremacist if you do. Get fat....uh, wait a minute...

12. “The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity.”   So, if you exercise, you are a racist.   If you are trying not to get fat, you are a racist.  I guess only people who don’t exercise and eat diet bugs aren’t racist.


13. “Is it racist to like big butts?”   Exercising is racist.  Fighting obesity is racist.  But liking big butts is racist, too.  You figure it out, this is way over my head.

14. “America’s national parks face existential crisis over race.  A mostly white workforce, visitation threatens parks’ survival and public health.”   Too many white people work at, and visit, our national parks.  I guess other races working at and visiting national parks doesn’t threaten their survival or public health.

15. “The Racism, and Resilience, Behind Today’s Salmon Crisis” (Propublica).  Poor salmon are the victims of racism.  Eat mor chikin.

16. “The energy system is ‘inherently racist,’ advocates say.”  Utility shutoffs adversely affect minorities so the whole system is racist.

17. “Is Hunting Too White?”  You white people need to quit preventing minorities from going hunting!  Bigots!

18. “AI can be racist, sexist, and creepy.  What should we do about it?”  I don’t know what we can do, but I’ll bet their answer involved more government control of your life.

19. “Critics say ‘monkeypox’ is a racist name.”  Monkeys are offended.

20. “The Unbearable Whiteness of Camping.  People of color have been excluded from the camping industry for decades.” (Fast Company).  Will you white supremacists PLEASE quit stopping “people of color” from going camping?


21. “The Unbearable Whiteness of Ballet.”  Yes, “white supremacy is embedded in ballet’s most basic foundation.”  Only white people like ballet.  That’s racist.

22. “The ‘ethnic’ food aisle is racism.”   Supermarkets are racist because they put ethnic food in convenient locations for shoppers.

23.  And finally....”Your Baby is a Racist—and Why You Can Live With That”  Your newborn monster is literally Hitler.  It comes out of the womb spitting on black people and Jews and shouting “Sieg Heil!”  Didn’t you mothers notice that when your little Nazi was born?

That’s not all, I’m just out of space.  Pete Buttigieg told us highways are racist.   Being a drone pilot is racist.   Self-driving cars are racist.   Folks, what’s frightening is that Leftist ideologues apparently believe this rot and are being mis-educated to think like this.  They are doing everything they can to spread it to others.  What are the consequences going to be?  It will produce hatred, and hatred is never a good thing, to speak mildly.   

But again, hopefully, most people can see through this, and the fad will pass.  Hopefully.   But what damage will be done until it does?  Burning streets and cities?  More people of color in poverty?  Increased suicides as people can’t cope with their own innate “racism”?  


This is serious.  And it’s also deliberate. 

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