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If You Think I’ve Been Exaggerating…

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I have written, more than once here on Townhall, that Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (the greatest representation of Leftism on earth today) do not care one iota how many people, Chinese or otherwise, they massacre. That all they care about—ALL they care about—is power, and if it requires stomping on the lives of millions and millions of their citizens to obtain it, and then hold onto it, then that is exactly what they will do. I’ve argued that these monsters haven’t got an ounce of humanity inside them and that the death of countless innocent human beings is irrelevant to them, not worthy of thought, a chimera reserved for weak, feckless, superstitious, brainwashed religious hillbillies who still live in the Dark Ages. I’ve written that repeatedly and I meant every word of it. That is exactly what Xi Jinping and the CCP believe. It is what communism and the Left believes. They’ve proven it repeatedly over the last 100 years.


I’m not much given to hyperbole, so when I say “The CCP doesn’t care how many people it kills,” I mean “The CCP doesn’t care how many people it kills.” That does sound a little extreme to Western ears; we grew up with a “Love thy neighbor as thyself” cultural tradition, which the Chinese do not have. And, believe me, that does have an impact in China, especially given the fact that, even with their Confucian conventions, nearly everybody alive today in China was born and educated under Marxist-Leninist-Maoist atheist communist thought. So, I exaggerate not in my statement regarding the CCP’s death mentality.

I like to give proof, however, so read on.

Jiang Yunzhong is a Marxist scholar and Chinese Communist Party official at the elite Tsinghua University in Beijing. Tsinghua University is the highest-ranked university in China, even higher than Peking (Beijing) University; it is the “Harvard” of that country. This guy is not a “capitalist roader” or a CIA plant. He wouldn’t be a “Marxist scholar” at this school unless he was a proven, 100% devoted ChiCom, totally in harmony with Marxist-Leninist-Maoist thought, a pureblood of purebloods, a most trusted Xi Jinping bootlicker. No possibility of heresy, mistake, or “hyperbole” here.

In the following quote, he is speaking of the recent Covid-19 death toll in China (probably grossly underestimated at 72,000), which, he opines, “still falls in an acceptable range.” He posted this on Chinese social media on January 14: “Even if a few million die, so what? China had 10 million deaths in 2021; even if there are 5 million more deaths, it’s just a 50 percent increase—a difference between two deaths versus three deaths.”


A few million extra deaths? Ah, so what? China loses 10 million every year. What’s another five million or so…

If they think that about their people, what do you think they think about you?

Don’t you just love these wonderful, Leftist communist thugs, who are so full of compassion and concern for their fellow man?

This is the Left, folks. THIS IS THE ATHEIST LEFT!!! Make no mistake about it. They will kill you without one ounce of remorse if you don’t do what they tell you to. You are nothing to them but a blob of matter in motion, to be used and discarded, for the benefit of the “party,” and if you happen, in some manner, not even your fault, to get in the way of their path to glory, you will be squashed and obliterated like the useless worm you are. What’re a few million Covid deaths in China or around the world? Everybody is going to die someday anyway. Anything, including mass murder, is justified if it advances the “cause” of “socialism.” There is no God, so there is no absolute morality. Humans create their own, and that is exactly what the CCP is doing in China. And, I might add, the Leftist Democratic Party in America.  

Are you paying any attention at all to Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum?

I’ve been telling you all this for months now, and I haven’t been engaging in hyperbole one bit. This is atheistic communism. The American education system is in the hands of these kinds of Leftists now. They care not how many babies they murder, or how many children they mutilate, how many druggies get shot on the streets of Chicago, how many die from dangerous Covid vaccines, or how many drugs and thugs they let into the country across our non-existent southern border, or how many people sleep, freeze, defecate, and starve on the sidewalks of American cities. If they die, so what? They care only about power, their power, and that trumps everything, including your life or the lives of America’s children and patriotic citizens. If you try to block them, you are to be removed, without thought, care, or compunction. It’s atheistic morality.


It is a little unusual to find a Leftist as honest as Jiang Yunzhong. But he was writing on Chinese social media, no doubt in Mandarin, and probably thought, in his hubris, that no Westerner would be intelligent enough to read or understand his words. But he slipped up and told us what he—and the CCP—and the Democratic Party—really believe.

And if you think the Democratic Party is a different breed of “Leftist” organization, an American “Leftist” organization that certainly has more compassion and concern for its citizens than the CCP does the Chinese people, that surely Joe and Nancy and Chuck and AOC and the New York Times, Washington Post, the View, CNN, MSNBC don’t believe the way Jiang Yunzhong and Xi Jinping do…if you think I’ve been exaggerating…if that is what you think…

If that is what you think, then I’ve still got a lot of work to do.

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