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Can Trump Win in 2024? By Mark K. Lewis

I recently wrote an article, “Trump Can Win in 2024,” where I played campaign manager and made some suggestions how Donald Trump could regain the White House in 2024. I thought my ideas were prudent:


1. Disappear for awhile to plan an effective campaign;

2. Put 2020 behind you;

3. Quit talking about yourself so much;

4. Quit insulting fellow Republicans (even though some need it. Let the rest of us do it, we aren’t running for office.);

5. Let Congress handle Hunter Biden, Twitter, etc.;

6. Lay out your positive plan to “Make America Great Again”;

7. Point to your administration’s achievements, but don’t dwell on them; and

8. Get out to the minority communities and listen to their grievances, something Democrats never do.

I think the above is a pretty good strategy. I’ll even work for cheap.

However, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the responses readers gave to my article. They amounted to something like this: “Not a snowball’s chance Trump will do that;” “the plan is ok, but Trump’s too full of himself;” “never happen,” etc., etc. My article was not how Trump WOULD win, but how he COULD win. I don’t expect Mr. Trump to do the above, either, for the very reasons most respondents listed.

So, in a quick answer to the title of this article, Trump can win in 2024 but many Republicans think he probably won’t because he seems incapable of making the necessary amendments to his strategy and character. It is understandable in a way. Most 70+ year old people are pretty stuck in their ways, and altering one’s personality, thoughts, and actions at that age is challenging, to say the least. One might say “impossible” for a narcissist like Donald Trump.


I like Trump, I thought he was a great president, and I grieve for America because he isn’t in the White House right now. Having him back there after 1/20/25 would no doubt be a vast improvement over that mentally and morally shriveled, America- and God-hating abomination that dwells there now.

But, as I write this, I’m not optimistic about Mr. Trump’s chances.

Regarding the 2020 election, I make a crucial distinction, which I wish Mr. Trump would make. We cannot change that election or its results. But that doesn’t mean we should forget it or not learn from it. Republicans will never win anything again if they don’t adapt to the new system—mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, early voting, etc. The Democrats created it, now it’s time for Republicans to start using it wisely. Or, better, create a good, legal alternative that Americans will accept. Mr. Trump cannot do anything about this current new system. That is up to the Republican Party leadership, which is definitely a depressing thought given the people who occupy those positions. But that is what needs to be done.

Mr. Trump must quit talking about 2020. His harping on it sounds like sour grapes and makes him look like a whiny, sore loser (in other words, a Democrat). You AREN’T a Democrat, Mr. Trump, you can’t play “victim.” Only they can do that and get away with it, and we conservatives don’t want that kind of wimpy sap running the country anyway (we already have one, and had one before you won in 2016). Let somebody else take care of 2020 and you take care of 2024.


Mr. Trump, please remember that we are all interested in the future because that is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.

But, I fear 2020 is too deep inside Mr. Trump’s blood. And that is not optimum for winning the next election.

We live in a 40-40-20 country, election-wise. In any presidential election, 40% of the country is automatically going to vote Democrat, and 40% will vote Republican, regardless of who the candidates are. That makes the 20% in the middle the crucial element. Whoever can obtain the majority of those votes will be the victor. Mr. Trump, or Mr. DeSantis, or whoever the Republican nominee is will be wasting his/her time trying to win the 40% of Democrats. They inherently hate any Republican and will not vote for one, even a Bush, Cheney, Romney, Hogan, Christie or any other RINO who tries to suck up to them. Candidates like that will do only one thing: lose the 40% Republican vote. Such voters won’t vote Democrat, they will just stay home and not vote at all.

I do believe Republicans need to make greater efforts to attract minority voters, which is one reason I suggested Trump go to Philadelphia, Harlem, Detroit, etc. and try to woo blacks and other minorities. No Republican is going to get a majority of those voters any time soon, but making inroads could be enough to gain victory, especially if a wise message is presented to the 20% in the middle. Mr. Trump is alienating too many of both of those groups (and not a few Republicans). He has to change that in 2024 to win.


Some recent polls, though not all, indicate Mr. Trump is indeed bleeding support in his own party. He can win those people back, but he must make certain amendments if he wishes to do so, much less win the presidency. The status quo is insufficient, Mr. Trump. Demonstrate to us that you know what year it is.

The question is, can Trump do that? Maybe right after Joe Biden’s IQ hits 10.

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