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The Democratic Party better check their six. Some serious butt-kicking may be approaching. People don’t tolerate tyranny and oppression forever. Witness China.

I don’t think a revolution in America is near (yet). I’m analyzing history. People can be pushed only so far, and there comes a point, never foreseen by government tyrants, when robbed of one freedom too many, the people WILL react and reassert who is really in control.


You see, not even an autocrat has unlimited power. A king, emperor, czar, dictator can’t kill everybody. He must make some reasonable response to those under him. If he doesn’t, his regime will collapse. Examples:

In the late 1780s, France was in serious financial straits. The nobility saw this as an opportunity to gain some concessions from King Louis XVI. They pushed for a National Assembly, but Louis was almost able to crush it. But the National Assembly was saved by the people of Paris. Those people needed bread. They had had enough. The French Revolution began. Off came the king’s head. Russia followed an eerily similar path in 1917-18.

China also had a revolution in the early 20th century. The outmoded Qing dynasty was too late in modernizing the country. Sun Yat-Sen tried to establish a republic, but the Chinese had no clue how to do that. Decades of revolution and civil war ensued. After hundreds of millions of deaths, the Chinese are basically back where they started—with, in effect, an emperor. A failed revolution if there ever was one. But more later about China.

The Americans did it right. After the Seven Years War of 1756-63, the British began taxing the colonists in ways they didn’t appreciate. Long story short, by 1775, the Americans were in revolt. We were fortunate. We had some of the greatest political minds in human history leading our Revolution. John and Samuel Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Henry, Madison, Franklin—a host of others. They established a country based on freedom and on principles that made slavery anathema worldwide and led to its global abolition. Only the Marxist Left, with its monumental mutilation of history and hatred of freedom, refuses to see the greatness of these men.


My point in these examples—obviously only briefly surveyed—is that no government ever has absolute, unlimited power. Gradual, creeping tyranny, the frog in the pot on the stove—and EVERY government eventually tries it, America is not immune—will, at some point, cause severe pushback.

Revolutions are not pretty. They almost always produce war, societal chaos, countless deaths, and, too often, end in a dictatorship when the people finally want peace and stability and give power to any demagogue who has the organization behind him to establish order (Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, Mao). Revolutions usually aren’t good and may take generations to mend. France has had five constitutions and 13 changes of government since 1789. Look at Russia the last 100 years. America, because of the greatness of our Founders and her people, was a noble, exemplary exception.

I don’t expect a second “American Revolution” soon. But the “gradual, creeping tyranny” the Democratic Party is imposing on the nation is pushing the country in a dangerous direction. The Democrats are becoming totalitarian, they want to BE totalitarian, and most American people will NOT endure that for long.

People will bear a lot from their government. Normal citizens just want a peaceful life, a family, a good job, and some comforts and entertainment. Revolution is not in the cards because revolutions can be violent, dangerous, and deadly. But people DO want the things noted above. And they need to feel their government is listening. Give them that, and a government, as obnoxious as all governments and politicians are, can survive.


But, in every polity, even a dictatorship, there must be some concessions, some give and take, at least “bread and circuses” to keep the masses occupied until the barbarians arrive. But that is not the Democratic Party of 2022. They rule, you obey. Only accepted speech is allowed; unapproved words are to be censored by intimidation, threat, or even arrest. Soon, we will only be permitted to drive government-approved cars and eat government-approved foods. Our children belong to the state, so parents, shut up about what is being taught in schools. Get vaccinated and wear a mask. The list is almost endless.

The Democrats’ big mistake is they allow no effective debate on these matters. The Left, always and everywhere totalitarian, DEMANDS that we submit “for our own good.” And they call that “democracy.” The give-and-take of the American political system, so key to our success since its founding, is being replaced by an authoritarian regime that insists on total submission. “Oh, we’ll give you bugs to eat. Just do what we tell you to.” They crave, and will take power, any way they can, even if they have to steal it! Power is all they live for.

It is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, as the Left keeps pressing for one world government. Justin Trudeau is doing it in Canada. He recently announced that only “government-approved free speech” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) will be sanctioned in his country. But even Xi Jinping is discovering the Chinese people have their limits. His ludicrous lockdowns are creating massive pushback. Even totalitarian governments can only tyrannize so far. But they won’t stop until forced to.


Joe Biden and the Democratic Party need to beware. A democracy that only serves 50 percent of the people cannot survive. Eventually, the other 50 percent will react, violently if necessary. Gradual, creeping tyranny ultimately leads to serious pushback—or worse.

But if history teaches us anything, it teaches that the Left will not change. Their correctness is an absolute to them and cannot be compromised. And the Democratic Party is completely, totally in the hands of the totalitarian Left today. I will consider more deeply the current parallel with China in my next article.

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