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Can You Say Titanic?

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Ok, I was somewhat optimistic before the midterm elections. Not as positive as many, but I still thought the Republicans had a good shot at winning a Senate majority, and that they would pick up 20-30 House seats. They wouldn’t be able to do much because Biden could, and would, veto any bill they passed. I didn’t figure they’d initiate any good legislation anyway, because of the McRINOs who would be Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader. But at least they could slow down the Democratic machine. I never thought Blake Masters or Lee Zeldin would win, but that was just me. That didn’t dampen my optimism too much.


Even after election night, I was still a bit upbeat, though disappointed there was not the predicted “red wave.” The House looked good and there was a reasonable chance to still get the Senate.


Can you say “Titanic”?

The Senate is gone. Laxalt lost. At best, it will be 50-50, which is no good at all. Maybe a little better than 51-49 Democrat, but not much. Having Herschel Walker in the Senate would certainly be better than that wife-abusing hypocrite Raphael Warnock.

But how many of you think that Herschel is going to win the runoff in Georgia?

How many of you think Kari Lake will be the next governor of Arizona? At this writing, I give her about a 0% chance. I hope I’m wrong.

Why is it that the Democrats win EVERY important close election, especially in those states that take days or weeks to count the votes?  

We all know the answer to that question, but I thought I’d ask it anyway.

Are the Republicans even going to win the House? They haven’t yet. And there are still a lot of “close” elections out there, especially in California. Reckon how those will go…

If the Republicans can take the House, that would be a victory, regardless of how small the margin is. Kevin McCarthy isn’t all we want, but would you rather have Nancy Pelosi remain as Speaker? Money bills are Constitutionally required to start in the House of Representatives (ha, now that’s a laugh), so maybe some of the Democrat's more egregious catastrophes can be mitigated somewhat. Maybe. Ukraine, anyone?

But hope springs eternal. Hope is all we have right now. We certainly have no leadership in Washington.


This whole election was the iceberg in the path of the Titanic and the torpedo heading for the Lusitania rolled into one. The Democrats, with or without the House, are going to keep steaming full speed ahead while the Republicans continue to putt-putt along on their broken-down, two-wheeled tricycle. Who among us has one scintilla of confidence in the Republican Party as it is now constituted in Congress? Yeah, I like J.D. Vance. He's a great addition.

Who else did we get?

America is one or two election cycles, at most, from hitting the iceberg or being struck by the torpedo. And most people don’t even see the iceberg or the torpedo coming. Can we save the ship? How can we save the ship? Saying, “Get out and vote!” isn’t good enough. We say that every election. And we keep losing.  

Well, we can try to become better cheaters than the Democrats. That will be very hard to do because they are experts at it and Republicans are amateurs at just about everything.

I know at which dock I have almost arrived. Well, I have been there for several years now, and the last two election cycles have only confirmed my feelings about it.

But I’m not going to say it. Yet. But I still believe it.

Not a war. NEVER a war. Unless they start it. And they have no reason to because they are winning and have been for a long time.

The Republicans haven’t learned. They never learn. They won’t learn this time, either. Will they ever? History doesn’t give us great confidence about this. Maybe in the next 5-10 years, things will get so bad that the American people will finally rise and put the patriots in office who need to be there. We thought that time had arrived this year—how can you get any worse than Joe Biden?—but most Americans don’t think we’ve reached the bottom yet. Or see the iceberg coming.


Ron DeSantis in 2024 would be nice. And it’s possible. Or Trump-2016, though I fear that day has passed.

But get the lifeboats ready, just in case.

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