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Why is it that everyone who leaves the Trump White House on bad terms has terrible things to say about the President, while those who leave on good terms have nothing but incredible stories to share about their time in the administration? That cannot be a coincidence. 

It seems that every individual who had worked closely with President Trump or his family decides to write a book, so for me, doing so was initially the last thing on my mind. I certainly did not want to be just another former Trump official who writes a book in order to make money and dish on the President. 

Is it so hard to believe that a young woman, such as myself, could actually have good things to say about President Trump and have no ulterior motives other than to tell a vulnerable and honest story? Apparently, is it. 

Why do we [ex-White House staffers] write these books? 

Money? Maybe… but none of us are going to be the next Tom Clancy. 

Relevance? Sure… we all know that we will never again be as relevant as we were yesterday. It’s a hard pill to swallow.

Revenge? For those that have fallen out of favor with the president and have an ax to grind, the answer is overwhelmingly yesss!

Sex sells. Conspiracy sells. Good vs Evil sells. But, why now? Why right before an election? 

As a public servant, it is your duty to serve your Commander in Chief if asked to do so, but also your duty to resign from your post when you no longer agree with the agenda that you are serving. If John Bolton seriously believed that President Trump was a threat to national security, his sense of duty appears to have been entirely absent until after he was fired. 

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has had three years to tell her version of how she believes certain events played out. I wrote a book in eight months. I can tell you that it is possible to get your story out there quickly. Furthermore, what kind of person tapes private conversations with their best friend? 

The woman I got to know in Mrs. Trump is incredibly loyal and understanding. She cherishes those she loves and, like her husband, will do anything for her friends and family. One has to wonder what the motivation is for Ms. Wolkoff to publish her “tell-all” now.

The timing for Michael Cohen’s book actually makes sense. Mr. Cohen has been in federal prison for the last several months. He’s had plenty of time to jot down his thoughts in the form of this newest work of fiction. All that time to reflect on how his mistakes and missteps led him to do things that were illegal and just plain wrong. But rather than take responsibility, he has chosen to sell out.

Again, we must ask ourselves, how can there be such different sides to the entire Trump family? Why do people who have known and stood by the Trumps for years, such as Michael Cohen, Omarosa, Anthony Scaramucci, and Stephanie Wolkoff all of a sudden change their tune when they are either fired or have fallen out of favor with the president. 

And now we have the latest form of revenge manifest itself in The Atlantic article. How is it possible that after several White House aides who were on the trip with the president have gone on the record to dispute the events that allegedly took place at Belleau Wood, The Atlantic hasn’t printed a retraction or even added in the quotes from these officials. 

President Trump has deep gratitude for the incredible sacrifice made by so many in service to our Country. Time and again, I witnessed a Commander-in-Chief with the deepest reverence for every single man and woman in the armed forces.

With less than two months until we cast our vote for president, I implore the American people to look at President Trump’s actions and a long list of accomplishments for this country. He has spent every single day of his presidency fighting for the American people while self-seeking former aides and former-friends spew vicious lies about him in order to make a quick buck. Rather than giving fuel to the fire, voters should see these books and articles for what they are, propaganda.

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