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It’s been amusing to watch some of the elites, celebrities and members of the mainstream media have embarrassing childlike temper tantrums and meltdowns over Donald Trump’s victory. It’s expected with the elites and especially Hollywood stars, many in both circles are completely out-of-touch with reality. However, what I find so incredibly disturbing is that so many members of the media – who have a duty to report what the majority of Americans are really thinking and feeling - are genuinely shocked by the election results. There is no reason any journalist with a functioning brain should be the slightest bit shocked by Trump’s victory if they were actually doing their job. This election media folk allowed their arrogance and extreme narcissism to completely blind them from the revolution that was going on right underneath their smug noses.


After Trump’s landslide, I got a call from a reporter with the mainstream media. He told me he wanted to know why Trump won and why the media and elites got this election so wrong. He asked me if I was surprised by the results, I told him no. He then asked me why I believe Trump won. I attempted to tell him why it was obvious to me Trump would win most likely in a landslide; however, before I could finish a sentence, he would interrupt me and inform me that my opinion was wrong. He was not at all interested in what I had to say. He attempted to put words in my mouth and would answer his own questions instead of allowing me to answer. He basically interviewed himself. I finally had to ask him if he was even interested in my opinion at all. I found it extremely ironic that he was asking me why the media got this election so wrong but he then refused to listen to anything I had to say. This is the exact reason why the media got this election so wrong. The MSM refused to listen to what Americans had to say -- they chose only to listen to themselves or the selective opinions of those they agreed with.

I mentioned to this reporter that I write for Townhall, and he told me he had never heard of this conservative news site. I thought he was kidding; he was not. He then proceeded to tell me he only reads the New York Times. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe a journalist admitted to me that not only does he only read one news publication, it also happens to be one with a terrible reputation for publishing blatant lies and liberal bias. This so-called journalist highlights everything that is wrong with the MSM these days. Some of these media elites are the most disgustingly arrogant, self-righteous and narcissistic people on the planet. Remember when Ann Coulter went on Bill Maher and said Trump had the best chance of winning the general election and everyone laughed in her face? My guess is that they’re not laughing now.


The people we have working in the elite media circles not only have a gross sense of self-righteousness, some of them are blatant pathological liars. The fact that Brian Williams is allowed back on TV reporting news after repeatedly telling tall tales is a disgrace. We saw countless examples of outlets -- such as MSNBC, CNN, CBS and the New York Times -- blatantly lying to the voters and colluding with Clinton to rig this election. If they had actually reported the truth, none of them would be shocked by the election results. The signs pointing to an inevitable Trump victory were everywhere. His rallies broke records with tens of thousands of people waiting for hours in sometimes-extreme weather conditions to pack massive stadiums to see and hear him speak; meanwhile, Clinton struggled to get a few hundred of her supporters out to a high school gym to listen to her speak. Trump’s social media pages – even with all the censorship of conservative voices – blew Clinton’s out of the water with exchanges that most dominantly were in his favor. During the last few weeks of the campaigns, both candidates did live feeds from their rallies. Trump’s numbers were often in the six-figure digits while Clinton was lucky to get 10,000 viewers. I’d review the comments on both feeds and Trump’s were overwhelmingly positive; Clinton’s were overwhelmingly negative. It’s as if no one in the mainstream media read any of the comments made by everyday Americans. Their predictions and calculations were based on extreme bias, lies and a false sense that their entitled opinions were exceptional compounded with the assumption that everyone must agree with them. On election night, Trump had already been called the President-elect by some major networks and Rachel Maddow was still on MSNBC trying to convince herself that Clinton was winning.


I started covering this election in July because I couldn’t stand the scathing lies that were being told about Trump and the obvious collusion going on with the media and corporate America for Clinton. I felt a moral obligation to do something about this. In less than six months, since my first article came out, my stories have been read by millions of readers and shared on hundreds of thousands of social media pages. That’s because I was listening to what people actually had to say and I reported the truth. Meanwhile, I’ve had colleagues go on my social media pages and try to debunk my work with zero evidence to back up their claims. A reporter at a major newspaper in Chicago has spent hours on one of my social media pages in an attempt to trash my work; yet, she lives in the most politically corrupt city in the country with skyrocketing crime rates and she’s been incapable of breaking any viral stories. If she had spent as much time doing real investigative journalism as she does on my page sounding off with her opinion, her work could be going viral too. Her misdirected energy is another example of everything wrong with journalists today. I broke a major corruption story about how Clinton has systematically stolen from her poor donors. This story has gotten a million views and has been shared over 100,000 times on Facebook alone; however, only one reporter contacted me to do a follow-up story. If my story had been about Trump’s campaign stealing from thousands of his poor and vulnerable supporters, my phone would be ringing off the hook.


When I used to work in Chicago as a reporter years ago, I became good friends with Chelsea Handler. Whenever she came to town, she’d beg me to go out partying with her. She used me for press and once she made it big, she dropped me faster than Macy’s dumped Trump. Years later, I ran into her at the Hotel Bel-Air. I said hello to her and she pretended like she didn’t know who I was. When I told her that I lived in the West Hollywood area and I was surprised I hadn’t run into her in LA since I had moved there, she literally scoffed, looked at me like I was some peasant and told me that’s because she doesn’t dare hang out in my neck of the woods. She snidely remarked that she doesn’t leave Bel-Air. I couldn’t believe the ugly monster that she had become. Now that she’s rich and famous with phony A-list friends, she has no need for minions like me. Sadly, many celebrities, elites and members of the media share this kind of mentality. They truly believe they’re gods and that their opinions are superior to all. So it came as no surprise that Handler was one of the many celebrities that had a meltdown -- that struck me as very disingenuous -- when the American populace didn’t vote in the way she commanded them to. Americans have had enough of these people’s arrogance.

Trump has been spot on since the beginning to call out how horrible, corrupt and biased the MSM has become. The media elites’ gross narcissism and blatant disregard for the truth played a pivotal role in his victory. They mocked and literally laughed at Americans who firmly believed Trump would be our next president. Now the joke is on them.


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