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Do You Stand with Israel?

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Israel needs our individual support, because Obama won’t provide it.

Tuesday's historic speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined all the reasons why you and I must not let Israel stand alone. The spineless Leftist appeasers of the Obama Administration have paved the way for a murderous regime of religious zealots to obtain a nuclear weapon, even as Iran’s psychopathic leaders declare daily that they wish to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.


The Prime Minister was invited by Congress to speak. President Obama refused to attend, or to meet with him, allegedly because it was too close to the Israeli election and he didn’t want to appear biased.

Why not appear biased? Why not stand with the one true leader in the free world, who doesn’t want Iran to have a nuke? Why not show support for a man of extraordinary intellect, passion, and vision?

It is particularly disgraceful that the Congressional Black Caucus boycotted the speech. Leftist Blacks are fond of using slavery as the ultimate victocrat rallying cry. Despite the enormous strides Blacks have made in America, these feckless cowards chose to walk out rather than stand with another minority that is still hated by most of the world.

Thankfully, you and I can support Israel is countless ways…and we must. Let this great country know that it is not alone.

Invest in Israel

The Development Corporation of Israel, commonly known as Israel Bonds, was created in 1951. Bond proceeds are used for multiple investments within the State of Israel. Despite being perpetually under assault, Israel has never once missed a principal or interest payment.

The bonds are available in denominations as low as $36 on up to $100,000, offering maturities of two to ten years, at interest rates from 1% to 3.37%. Heck, Illinois’ Treasurer just bought $10 million worth of bonds. Why not add to it?


Invest in Israel Stocks

There are several dozen Israeli stocks trading on the American stock exchanges. Israel has been on the forefront of developments in medicine, biotech, technology, software, and telecom. The public companies are spread across a wide variety of industries, offering you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio into sectors you may desire access to.

My first stock purchase ever was in 1996, and I bought shares of Teva Pharmacuetical Industries. It has since become a powerhouse generic drug provider, and also developed a proprietary treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Give to the IDF

Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces is a non-profit organization designed to provide support services for the brave men and women of the IDF. “FIDF offers a range of programs that address the educational, social, economic, recreational, spiritual, and cultural needs of the IDF soldiers as well as the families of soldiers fallen in defense of the State of Israel.”

Give Directly to IDF Soldiers

A number of IDF soldiers, such as Ben Goldstein, are on Facebook. They will often ask for donations for things like armored vests, or even pizzas. From Mr. Goldstein’s Facebook page, you can see what life is like first-hand for IDF soldiers, the pride and strength of him and his comrades, and the dangers facing them on a daily basis.


Speak Out

Anti-Semitism is on the rise both here and abroad. We hoped never to see a day where Jews could not wear kippahs wherever and whenever they chose to, but those days have returned amidst the rise of Radical Islam.

It is incumbent upon all of us, if we see or hear anything even vaguely anti-Semitic, to call it out. Call it by name. Confront it. Confront the person and the organization. Hate can only be eradicated by shining a light on it.

Adopt A Jewish Democrat

Inexplicably, Jews continue to support Democrats in overwhelming majorities. 69% voted for Obama. Part of the problem is that the American Jew has lost touch with his culture and heritage. There isn’t much that can be done about that. However, you can use facts and educate them on the poor history of Democratic support for the Homeland. Show them the folly of their support for a party, and President, who appeases the enemies of Judaism.

Reach Out to Our Christian Friends

Christians are commanded to bless Israel. Organizations like Christians United for Israel, the largest pro-Israeli group in America, have pledged to stand with Israel and its people. Support this fine organization, and engage your Christian brothers and sisters in dialogue about how they can help.



There are few experiences more profound than visiting Israel. Only there can you truly appreciate the magnificent achievements of this extraordinary country – the only country where Arabs are permitted to live freely and the only democracy in the Middle East. For Jews who have never been, you will feel the heart and soul of our Homeland in your veins.

I stand with Israel.

Do you?

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