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My kid is an immigrant and came to America legally.  I look with awe and wonder at him, remembering how his only wish was to come to America and have a family.  It peeves me that illegal aliens are allowed to not only jump in line ahead of him like the schoolyard bully, but even reap benefits that he could not get (while he was waiting for his citizenship my son could not legally attend school for credit though illegals usually can).  Angel Families surely feel what I feel, though much more magnified.  Their pain is our pain and we have an obligation to them first to stop the flow of illegal aliens.

A few of my conservative colleagues are very upset with President Trump for his Saturday speech, offering a deal on funding for The Wall and ending the partial government shutdown.  Ann Coulter tweeted that in voting for Trump, instead we got Jeb.  One wrote that the President’s speech will divide the GOP.  I beg to differ. The President’s speech will unite Republicans and conservatives as never before and was simply brilliant.

While there was an element of giving the democrats something they supposedly wanted with DACA, the truth is their rejection of it shows that DACA is but a political pawn for them.  Further, the democrats rejection shows that they are not willing to play ball.   Finally, the democrats rejection of the President’s speech, even before it happened, shows just how radical the party has become.  This leftist radicalism will galvanize not only the Republican Party but also, Independent, and union/blue collar democrats who believe in fairness.  

The radicalism of the left underscores perhaps the most important issue behind the debate on illegal aliens.  The issue of 2016 and likely 2020 is beyond even illegal immigration. The issue that concerns Americans is lawlessness.

Americans are concerned with lawlessness, and the elitism and political pandering that lies behind such rule breaking.  Why does my kid, who entered America legally, have to wait before illegals to get nearly all the benefits of citizenship?  Why is Hillary allowed to delete 33,000 emails after getting subpoenaed, yet if we did even a tenth of what she did we would be toast for life?   Why is Trump being investigated for a collusion that he is innocent of while Hillary’s camp knowingly, and without consequences, put forth a fake dossier to start such an investigation?  Why do we have sanctuary cities for illegal aliens while we have American citizens killed by illegals?  Why are our tax laws, and indeed many other laws, written in such a way that if someone powerful wants to get you, they will get you?

The President’s speech certainly was not a “No New Taxes” pledge breaking.  Even though there is no ink dry yet, the safety of the American people, through The Wall and its associated elements, remain paramount for the current President of the United States.

If we really believe in border security, than getting The Wall and its associated elements will stop a great majority of the illegal aliens coming across our southern border and lead to greater safety for our people.  The Border Patrol agents will tell you that.

In closing, I suggest that folks look at the real beginning of the speech; the naturalization ceremony the President presided over a few moments before his speech began.

This President was not going through the motions.  He was literally beaming at the diverse group of people who did not look like him, yet who showed what you can do when you enter America legally and play by the rules. Yet his beaming was not over the top.  It was beaming like a parent where people have a solemn pride; the best kind of pride.  It was the type of beaming seen on the faces of nearly everyone who participates in a naturalization ceremony.  Even hardened judges who preside over such ceremonies cannot help but betray emotion in these circumstances.  In a lifetime of dealing with criminals, a naturalization ceremony is one of the few times a judge can pronounce verdict for a situation in which all circumstances were likely handled legally.  The President feels this and most Americans do as well.  This is the immigration, and abiding by the law, that we want.

The President did a great thing, in the ceremony and in his speech.  This minor controversy too shall pass.  But what will not pass is the trouble the leftist leadership is making for the democrats in Congress.  The American people are law abiding and compassionate, but not compassionate without common sense.  They do not believe in compassion without the rule of law.  The President showed that democrat lawlessness is once again on full display.   

As in 2016, democrats continue their lawlessness and elitism at their own peril as the 2020 Presidential and Congressional elections approach.

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