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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

There is nothing more hackneyed, cliched and insipid as Democrats demanding to the unwashed masses that they "vote as if your democracy depends on it... BECAUSE IT DOES!"

It's everywhere. 

The Minn Post, Penn Capital-Star, Ben & Jerry's PAC, Colorado Sun, Hampshire Gazette...

All the same headline. All the same sentiment. All the same fearmongering. 

You'd think they'd be embarrassed to write the same damn thing other people have written on multiple websites across the country. 

Hell, you'd think they'd be embarrassed to write a column ripped off directly from the Democrat's online store. That's right; you can purchase your very own "Vote Like Democracy Depends On It" wallpaper and poster!

It's sad. And pathetic. And divisive. And... not to mention... a total and complete fraud. 

While Democrats pretend that Republicans are some mysterious "threat to democracy," the only tangible example they can provide to support such an outrageous accusation is that Republicans have passed laws requiring photo identification for voting and have eliminated insecure and fraud-infested "ballot drop boxes," which are really laundering operations for illegal ballot harvesting. 

That's it. That's the "existential threat to democracy" we keep hearing about. 

Our country is not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic that uses the democratic process to elect our representatives. So... by definition, "our democracy" doesn't depend on anyone's vote... but our constitution does. 

And that's where you come in. 

You see, Republicans are not a threat to democracy, but Democrats are literally a threat to our constitution. 

The proof is the life you've lived over the past two and a half years. 

Whenever given the chance, Democrats in power have seized emergency authorizations to control every aspect of the constitutionally protected rights you have enjoyed since our country's inception. 

You couldn't go to church to worship as you pleased. You couldn't open your business. You couldn't assemble as you wished. Your children were prevented from an education. You couldn't visit loved ones in the hospital. You couldn't attend funerals. You couldn't have a wedding. You couldn't petition your government. You couldn't observe the tabulation of ballots during a presidential election.

At every turn, it was a Democrat who stood in the way of your constitutional rights.

Then came the vaccine. 

If you refused this medical procedure, you were fired from your job. You were barred from receiving certain medical treatments. You were ostracized. You were publicly demonized by your elected officials... who work for you. 

And Democrats in some states STILL retain these powers. 

Meanwhile, should Democrats build on their majority at the federal level, look what they've pledged to accomplish. 

They pledged to expand the Supreme Court because they don't like its current makeup.

They pledged to change the electoral college. 

They pledged to do away with two senators per state and move toward proportional representation in that chamber. 

They pledged to re-order the federal judiciary because they've lost clout in certain district courts. 

They pledged to federalize our elections and dictate California-style voting rules for all 50 states from their perch in Washington, DC. 

In short, they want to ignore the constitution and move us toward the "democracy" they pretend we are. But we are not. We are a constitutional republic, and Democrats hate it. 

And, make no mistake, they would do away with it if they could. That's why they bad-mouth whenever they have a chance. How often do you hear Democrats lament the constitution for being written by a "bunch of white slave-owners"? How often do you hear them say that minorities had no rights in the constitution, so it's an illegitimate document?

How often do they just ignore the constitution and constantly refer to our government as a "democracy" oh... wait... we've already been through that. 

The point is clear: When Democrats say to "vote as if our democracy depends on it," their entire fear-mongering hysteria is built on a lie. 

Meanwhile, through their actions during the pandemic and through their promises of action should they expand their power, they are a real and present danger to our constitutional republic. 

Hey, Republicans, vote as if the constitution depends on it... because it does. 


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