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One of the burning questions occupying much speculation and gossip in Washington, DC, during the Biden "presidency" has been a simple yet powerfully important issue: Who's really running things over there? 

Many believe that Susan Rice, the former National Security Fixer for Barack Obama who helped launch the insidious, improper FBI investigation of Donald Trump in the final days of the Obama Administration, has been quietly, almost invisibly, pulling the strings of domestic and foreign policy. 

The image of Rice simultaneously receiving marching orders from her former boss via Signal instant messages and then delivering marching orders to the hapless band of intersectionally-approved White House staffers is one that makes sense. 

Others believe that the disaster we are witnessing in the executive branch of our federal government is way too acute for a disciplined control freak like Rice to have her fingerprints on it. Instead, the White House debacle can only be the responsibility of an incompetent hack like Chief of Staff Ron Klain, they say. 

Only a buffoon like Klain can mess our country up as badly as this. They have a point. 

Others believe that the real power behind the Resolute Desk belongs to none other than Dr. Jill Biden, the first lady. They claim the doctor (who really isn't a doctor, at least – not that kind of doctor) is a power-hungry Eva Peron who controls every element of her senile, old husband's life. The Biden agenda, such as it is, is really Jill's haphazard attempt to hold things together and keep up appearances lest anyone find out that her hubby is barely there. 

Please note that none of the theories about who's running the Biden White House actually profer Biden, himself, as the man in charge. It's already an accepted fact that Joe is just along for the ride. 

By the way... for all the naysayers and apologists who might want to jump in here and claim, "Oh, this is normal... no president actually runs things. They just step in and fill a role, but things are always run by a big team in the background," let me just challenge you a bit. Does anyone think that Donald Trump wasn't in charge of the vast majority of decisions and policies that came out of his presidency? Did anyone ever ask from 2017 through 2020, "Who's really running things in the Trump White House?" 

Back to the original question: Who's really running things over there? 

Well, now, thanks to a CNN report, we have a fascinating new theory. 

Debra Messing was fed up. The former "Will & Grace" star was among dozens of celebrity Democratic supporters and activists who joined a call with White House aides last Monday to discuss the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

The mood was fatalistic, according to three people on the call, which was also co-organized by the advocacy group Build Back Better Together.

Messing said she'd gotten Joe Biden elected and wanted to know why she was being asked to do anything at all, yelling that there didn't even seem a point to voting. Others wondered why the call was happening.

That's right. The Biden White House is taking instruction from a handful of minor Hollywood celebrities led by "Will & Grace" has-been Debra Messing. 

Messing has such hubris and entitlement that she even came with an "I got you elected, you son-of-a-b****" and "I can destroy you if you don't do as I say" kind of flex. Debra Messing. Debra freaking Messing. 

As Stephen Miller at The Spectator points out... 


Even more humiliating, CNN says the celebs fed the White House their talking points and suggested that Team Biden utilize TikTok to help turn things around. "That afternoon, participants received a follow-up email with a list of basic talking points and suggestions of Biden speech clips to share on TikTok." 

Just exquisite. 

This White House reflects Biden perfectly. The man has 50 years of experience in Washington, and the only recognizable principle over the course of his entire career has been the advancement of his career and the inflation of his ego. 

So desperate for attention and validation even after attaining the presidency, Biden is now beholden to low-level celebrities delivering talking points about abortion, lest they use their Instagram accounts to rescind their devotion to his failing presidency. 

God forbid they refuse to participate in an edited, celebrity montage video with retired Marvel superhero actors and Rob Reiner's cache of 70s sitcom actors. 

If Biden and his hapless team had any cajones, they'd tell their base exactly what they need to hear: If abortion on demand right up until the moment of birth is so important to you, then you should've done what pro-Life activists have spent the past 50 years doing... make your case, persuade the electorate, help elect like-minded loyal politicians and pray. 

Well... praying might not help their cause, but they should try those other ideas. Their only problem is the American people have come around to a moderately pro-life position. And the abortion enthusiasts' reliance on the Supreme Court has made them lazy, complacent, and shrill. They don't know how to persuade, they just know how to scream. 

And now, they're screaming at Joe Biden. 

You gotta love it. 

Larry O'Connor hosts "America's Morning Show," O'Connor and Company on WMAL in Washington DC every weekday morning. His growing Locals community is available to the public and is fast becoming a place where everyone can discuss all the things you're not supposed to talk about in polite company.


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