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Earlier this week, we were treated to a video featuring the pathetic, humiliating spectacle of Joe Biden wandering aimlessly in the East Room of the White House looking for someone... anyone to talk to while Barack Obama basked in the praise of the assembled dignitaries, Biden's vice president, and even the first lady.

Watch and shake your head in dumbfounded awe once again:  

Now, if you're like most people, the sight of the most powerful man in the world sadly searching for someone to share a moment of companionship with while multitudes race to glom on to the overbearing aura of a retired president might bring feelings of pity and even empathy for the poor, old dufus. 

Please... don't fall for it. 

Yes, Joe Biden often now embodies the personification of a hapless, meandering fool with little awareness of who or where he is at any given moment. For all we know, the pathetic old man is beyond the early stages of dementia and is now experiencing some level of full-blown senility. 

Seeing him stranded and lost while those supposed to care for him run over to Obama to touch his garment naturally elicits feelings of compassion for the man. 


Please activate an empathy blocker in your brain and remind yourself of who this man is, was, and continues to be. 

He is the man who led the dishonest and disparaging crusade against the good name and legacy of one of America's smartest legal minds, Judge Robert Bork. He slimed the man and let his fellow Democrats destroy his character while he held the chairman's gavel in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Watch this small clip to have a good understanding of who this guy is and how smug and arrogant he always has been: 

He took his disgraceful behavior of destroying a man's life, future, and good name and tried to parlay it into the 1988 Democratic nomination for president. Because when you're a Democrat, destroying a fine man's life with lies and bully tactics makes you presidential material. You've all seen the news reports of how he lied about his college grades during that campaign, but watch the video again to witness his obnoxious, arrogant attitude while he was lying about himself. 

Only a sociopath lies with that kind of aggressive vigor and in-your-face hatred. 

Then Biden moved on to destroy another man's good name and reputation. This time, Judge Clarence Thomas. Again, as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he allowed the confirmations to turn into bloodsport so he could destroy his political opponent with lies and innuendo. 

Watch this clip and, once again, note that it's not just what he says but the obnoxious way he says it that is deserving of your anger: 

This brings us to his time as vice president. There are plenty of moments to choose from, but let's just remember Biden saying to a predominantly African-American audience that Mitt Romney... MITT ROMNEY was going to "put y'all back in chains." 

Yes, that's further evidence that he's an obnoxious jerk not worthy of your pity, but it also gives lie to the slander that "Romney's one of the last good Republicans and the party has gotten so ugly and racist because of Trump!!!!" Please... they LOVED calling Romney racist... and Bush... and Reagan... this is nothing new. 

And Biden's YOU'RE ALL RACISTS IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME! attitude continues today with his despicable lies about Georgia's election integrity laws and his disgusting claim that Americans who oppose it are the same as Jefferson Davis, Bull Connor, and George Wallace. (Ironically, all three of those racists were Democrats.) 

I know. I know. Our Christian sensibilities compel us to love our enemies and extend grace to those in need. It's certainly a challenge in the rough-and-tumble world of American politics to live our most charitable Christian life while still engaging in spirited, necessary opposition to those who would trash those same Christian standards and values still alive in our fragile society. 

I beg you to take a few moments and reflect on the small history I've laid before you. And also, remember that without opposition, the poor, senile, old fool in the White House would enact policies that would rip at the very heart of the Christian morals we desperately hang on to in this sinful and secularized society. 

Yes, Biden probably deserves your pity... but as long as he clings to the reins of power, and he would eagerly use that power to destroy and demonize you (just as he has done in every opportunity he's had in the past), reserve that pity and deliver unto him exactly what he deserves... your outright contempt. 



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