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This is one annoying president. His delivery is condescending. His whispering is creepy and insulting. His meandering is terrifying. His short-tempered diatribes are embarrassing

But, I've reached my limit on a certain habit of this president that can only be described as complete and total bull****. 

And what makes it worse is that this particular POTUS BS is pre-approved and crafted by his team of henchmen in the White House. The very people who are hired to prop him up and make him appear to be the head of our Executive Branch have continued to craft this annoying, serial lie and it appears to go unnoticed by our corporate-owned propaganda media. 

Yesterday is a perfect example of the bull I'm talking about. 

In his prepared remarks in, Illinois where Biden was trying to talk up his disastrous, inflation-plagued economy, he said this: 

Folks, I've laid out a lot of plans here, but that’s because it's time, and we have to think bigger, and we have to act bolder, and we have to build back better.

When we passed the American Rescue Plan, the naysayers and the doubters said it wouldn’t work. Well, we've created over 3 million jobs since I took office — more jobs in the first months of a presidential administration than any time in American history. 

Do you see it? It's a lie that borrows from Barack Obama's favorite rhetorical trick: The straw man. 

"When we passed the American Rescue Plan, the naysayers and the doubters said it wouldn't work."

What, in the name of God, is he talking about? 

There were plenty of critics of the "American Rescue Plan," but who were the naysayers who proclaimed it "wouldn't work"? We opposed it because it was unnecessary and because it was too expensive and because it bailed out Democrats in states like California who would take federal money to prop themselves up and reward public employee unions, but people weren't saying "it won't work." 

People were saying, "We don't need it." 

People were saying, "Just get us vaccinated and let businesses open and let the rest of the country follow Florida and Texas out of your draconian mask mandates so people can get back to work," but they weren't saying "it won't work." 

Any time you pump hundreds of billions of federal money into an economy, you're going to see some short-term benefit. The problem is that this is not a long-term solution. 

Oh, and about those "3 million jobs" his administration "created"... Sorry, but, no. 

Those were not new jobs that were created; those were existing jobs that were not allowed to be filled because of Anthony Fauci's insatiable desire for control and publicity. If Fauci and Biden and Cuomo and Whitmer and Newsom had just "done a DeSantis" and allowed the American people to go back to the jobs they had before they were forced home, we would have rebounded those three million jobs without one penny of "bailout" money. 

But Biden still has a bizarre need to feel like the victim who's up against all these make-believe naysayers. 

He does this all the time. 

When Biden was sworn in as president, the Trump Administration already had us on a pace to vaccinate one million people per day. Simple math tells you that in one hundred days at that pace, we would vaccinate one hundred million people. 

In fact, the Trump rollout for vaccines had America on pace to exceed two hundred million people in one hundred days as the early vaccine regime hit exponential benchmarks after the very early planning Trump's Administration had put in place took hold. 

That's with Biden just sitting there and allowing the existing pace of vaccinations under Trump to go forward. 

And yet, when Biden hit his one hundred-day mark, he celebrated this "achievement" and stuck his phony strawman up once again. 

You know, some people said we couldn't do this — that it would not be until the fall that we had this many people vaccinated; that 2021 might be a lost year for our country, as 2020 was. But we proved the doubters wrong. 

Who? Who are these people who said you couldn't do this? Republicans were actually mocking your initial plan of hitting one hundred million vaccines in one hundred days. We were pointing out that you would easily hit that mark, Mr. President! 

Can we please dispense with this crap? Biden is a typical victim-status leftist who is addicted to the idea that everyone is against him. It's obscene and embarrassing. 


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