An Epic Failure: Detroit Public Schools

Posted: Feb 10, 2011 12:01 AM

Few school districts in America rival the dire condition of Detroit Public Schools: staggering dropout rates, functionally-illiterate high school graduates, a dysfunctional school board and a sea of red ink.

Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb has been trying to fix the city’s public schools which are historically awful. At times, it seems that he is the only one trying to fix a school system that is failing its students.

The Detroit Federation of Teachers has consistently called for Bobb’s removal. The radical socialist group, By Any Means Necessary, makes every effort to stir up racial division and strife. One of BAMN’s leaders was nearly elected president of the teachers union, which shows how radical the union has become.

Watch ‘An Epic Failure: Detroit Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ – Episodes 4 and 5 – “Kids Aren’t Cars.”

While making of this film series, we met a recent graduate of Detroit Public Schools who couldn't read. Sadly, he blamed himself. But we know that a whole lot of adults are to blame, too. There were dozens of teachers and administrators who moved him down the assembly line, and were happy to hand him a worthless diploma after he reached the end of the line. All the while, the adults collected their paychecks, enjoyed their generous benefit packages and took comfort knowing that tenure would keep them secure in their jobs.

Detroit’s education system perpetuates the cycle of misery that has gripped the city for years.

After watching these films, ask yourself if America can continue being a great nation when many of its schools and communities are rotting from within.

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