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A recent poll noted that among young people – are we back to Gen A yet? – the young female-identifying have shown themselves overwhelmingly leftist, while the young male-identifying have shown themselves overwhelmingly right-wing. That’s certainly better than all of them being commies. It seems somewhat bizarre that our country may eventually be saved by a bunch of dudes painted as couch-dwelling, video game-loving losers, but that salvation might not be pretty or gentle. Perhaps the battle of the sexes will go from a cold war to a hot one.


But you have to take hope where you get it, and the fact that young men are getting more conservative is a cause for optimism. Remember, if you grew up male in the last ten years or so, every institution has been deployed against you. You’ve been told you are bad and horrible and evil and worthless. In contrast, every girl is an empowered girlboss ready to take her rightful place at the pinnacle of society. And to facilitate that, they must displace the dudes. And it’s no secret – that displacement, that consignment of men to second-class status, is not merely admitted but celebrated by our trash ruling class.

Accordingly, men are turning conservative in a reaction to the hate directed to them by a female–dominated ruling class which rules with feminine values and premises. It wants to turn men into neutered femboys who are good for nothing but hard/dangerous jobs and opening pickle jars. The young guys are reacting, and their reaction makes sense. They will not play along, adopting not just reactionary politics but also other ways of mitigating the damage. We see men opting out of the marriage market; heck, they are opting out of the sex market entirely. An astonishing number of them are essentially channeling Steve Carell and have never gotten with a girl. It seems like too much trouble and too much exposure to potential liability. With endless Internet perversion just a mouse-click away, perhaps their choice of electronic onanism over real live girls is a political statement too.


And this phenomenon manifests in other ways. When you have a huge number of young women identifying as hard left, you can understand why the patriotism polling numbers keep falling. You would think that would be made up by conservative males, but they are not, for example, rushing to join the military. Why would they embrace this particular iteration of the United States of America? Their experience of this country is of a soft nanny state, not the awesome, free-wheeling superpower us seventies, eighties, and even nineties kids grew up in. Today, you better use your inside voice or you’re going to get sent to societal detention. Today, the benefits of American society seem out of reach of young men, from the aforementioned potential for matrimony to higher education. Six out of ten students in American colleges are non-testicular. In a sane age, that would mean the four of ten endowed with the accoutrements of manhood would totally clean up in the booty department, but male sexuality has been so thoroughly criminalized – especially on college campuses – that most of the boys are afraid to even talk to a girl, and for good reason. Nobody wins in this state of fear, not men, and not women, except for the creepy ruling class of cultural Marxists who enjoy inflicting misery on others both as a means of control and simply for the hell of it.

So, what does the right-wing male who is totally alienated from the kind of patriotic identity you would expect him to have in the past to do? Well, what have angry young men done in every society where there have been angry young men throughout history? They’re going to upset the apple cart. Male energy cannot be restrained by the shabby likes of the Randi Weingartenian cadres running the schools and the other cultural commissars who seek to keep it in check. The harpies can suppress it, but they can’t eliminate it. And once you press down on something, according to actual science, you’re increasing the pressure and it will eventually blow. And when it blows, all bets are off.


The fact is that we’ve created a society of feminist women for feminist women where the process of achievement and of resolving disputes has been fully feminized – this is how you get a loser like Megan Rapinoe held up as a winner, because winning no longer involves actual winning but simply shrieking “GRRRL POWER!” Manly things like victory and protecting others are scorned. Hell, you are much more likely to be prosecuted for stopping a crime than committing one. But men remain men, and manhood is not going away no matter how hard the harridans try.

And boy, do they try. That male energy has to be bottled up (unless it is criminal energy, in which case it is ignored until it enters their gated communities and then the feminists who created the chaos freak out). They created a cultural milieu that is soft and safe, and which is one designed to maximize the advantages, and eliminate the disadvantages, of the physically weaker sex. But this is a historical anomaly. Throughout human history, we have seen societies based on strength. From the Romans to the Mongols to the America that produced the guys who stormed onto Omaha Beach, male energy was once the driver of society. It manifests not in using words but in using fists (or aggressive competition that substitutes for fists), and all those movies where the cute, 110-pound heroine clobbers hordes of gigantic dudes are a lie. Men have the advantage in a world of physical power, and it is only natural that when others use their own power against them, these oppressed men will strike back with the kind of power they have at their disposal. And when that happens, our ruling class will expect other males to intervene to stop the uprising, but I’m just not sure that’s going to happen. Are you down to die for the cultural imperatives of the Chardonnay-swilling wine women set, because I’m not.


So where does this all end up? I can’t say for sure, but my money is on human nature. Those angry right-wing 15-year-olds right now, in a decade, are going to be very angry right-wing 25-year-olds, and a cohort of ticked-off reactionary men injected into the American body politic is going to have very interesting consequences indeed. Remember, these guys have grown up resisting the feminist ruling caste, and it’s unlikely that like, the Boomers, they will quietly submit to the feminist energy – hell, the Boomers did it in large part to try to score. This male cohort is going to be as vicious to its enemy as its enemy has been to it, and the backlash is going to be something to see. My money is on the people who can best throw a punch. Like the Joker says – and the Joker seems to be a disturbingly popular character among young men these days – we all blanking get what we deserve (NSFW link).

Now, there are going to be people who do not like this column and will try the same soft-silencing on me that they try on every dissident male. Unlike the young men they try to subjugate, I have options and the means to retaliate, so instead of fury I will respond by laughing at their fussy anger. They will attempt to claim that I want all this, in part because they cannot conceive of someone publishing something that does not support the preferred narrative. Of course, my feelz do not matter. This is the historical reality. I am telling you what will happen, and whether I love it or hate it or don’t care at all is completely irrelevant. But I will definitely enjoy telling them “I told you so” when they cry.


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