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Systematic Elitism

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The Establishment needs to learn its freaking place, and it's on us that we have given these people the impression that they have a say in what we can do. They are managers. They are subordinates. I expect them to perform. Are you satisfied with the performance you see? Everything is screwed up, and their answer for everything is "Give me more power, and then I'll stop screwing it up." Of course, they don't, and the answer becomes "Give me even more power." And my answer is, kiss my a**. I mean, look at the judicial system. It's a disaster. You have to be angry about this Hunter Biden thing. Do you think your kid would catch that break? Do you think you would catch that break? People make mistakes, they still have to pay for them, but they make mistakes that can be life changing – going to jail for three to five years. That's serious! But not if you're Hunter Biden. This is systematic elitism.



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