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You have got to check out this amazing story of a professor who embraced diversity, equity, and inclusion nonsense and then was stunned – stunned! – when the vicious creatures he spawned turned on him and ripped him to shreds. This terrifying tale provides more proof – as if more were needed – that when you dabble with DEI, you will eventually DIE. And it demonstrates the importance of rejecting the tactic of reasoning with these monsters, who themselves reject reason and cannot be swayed or corrected by it. We have to fire them and burn down the institutions they have infected. They are intellectual gangrene, and we must amputate the limb to save the body and cauterize the stump – which Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida and which the rest of the Republicans out there must likewise do in their red states.

The story itself is horrifying and fascinating, a tale of spineless leaders allowing themselves to be co-opted by the loudest, angriest, and most unreasonable people in the room. What is most striking is the total refusal of those currently in power to use their power to stop the monsters who want to take power from doing so. They could solve the problem with a “No,” but they cannot find the will to utter it.

A black leftist professor who was all-in on CRT and all its bizarre and evil components wrote this long article describing how he tried to have a seminar with some select college kids about this woke nonsense and how his class got co-opted by a lunatic grad student named Keisha who eventually led a coup that threw him out. Yeah, I threw him out – the professor and three other students who “caused harm” because they mentioned facts. Of course, the program administration refused to act, probably praying to their pagan gods that the commie crocodiles would eat them last. They were totally paralyzed in the face of weaponized leftist ideology, which is not true of this one program. The woke lunatics truly run the academic asylum.

What happened is truly cultlike:

In the 2022 anti-racism workshops, the non-black students learned that they needed to center black voices—and to shut up. Keisha reported that this was particularly difficult for the Asian-American students, but they were working on it. (Eventually, two of the Asian-American students would be expelled from the program for reasons that, Keisha said, couldn’t be shared with me.) The effects on the seminar were quick and dramatic. During the first week, participation was as you would expect: There were two or three shy students who only spoke in partner or small-group work, two or three outspoken students, and the rest in the middle. One of the black students was outspoken, one was in the middle, and one was shy. By the second week of the seminar, the two white students were effectively silent. Two of the Asian-American students remained active (the ones who would soon be expelled), but the vast majority of interventions were from the three black students. The two queer students, one Asian and one white, were entirely silent. The black students certainly had interesting things to say and important connections to make with their experiences and those of their family members, but a seminar succeeds when multiple perspectives clash into each other, grapple with each other, and develop—and that became impossible.

 We need to remember that the idea behind Critical Race Theory is not to promote critical thinking – just the opposite. This is not an academic pursuit but a purely political one that is not about the study of power but the raw exercise of power. CRT is not meant to help discover and explore new ideas and theories. Instead, it is designed to reaffirm pre-existing premises and conclusions, all commie nonsense, and to crush anyone attempting to introduce facts that counter it. Facts cause “harm,” and “harm” in this context is a term of art meaning “goes against the narrative.” “Harm” manifests as someone claiming to feel bad about something. Understand that something can be an objective fact, and the fact that the fact is a fact is no defense:

During our discussion of incarceration, an Asian-American student cited federal inmate demographics: About 60 percent of those incarcerated are white. The black students said they were harmed. They had learned, in one of their workshops, that objective facts are a tool of white supremacy. Outside of the seminar, I was told, the black students had to devote a great deal of time to making right the harm that was inflicted on them by hearing prison statistics that were not about blacks. A few days later, the Asian-American student was expelled from the program.

Cry “Harm!” and that trumps anything else, especially objective truth. The proper understanding of CRT, DEI, and all the rest is not an academic exercise or an intellectual undertaking. It is a means of control, pure and simple. It is designed to give the Keishas of the world the power that they crave but could never obtain by achievement or hard work. What is remarkable is the fact that the institutions refuse to simply fire the Keishas and instead choose to coddle and empower them. Keisha should have been sent packing the moment she opened her fascist trap. Instead, the story shows how the people allegedly in charge catered to her insane requirements and accepted her rejection of reason. The more outrageous Keisha became, the more abject the institution surrendered to her. This could have ended in an instant if only someone had simply said “No.” 

No to your complaints. 

No to your premises. 

No to your demands. 

No, you cannot be here anymore – pack your bags and get out. 

But they did not say no. They said, “Jump? How high?” They figuratively packed their own bags – and in the case of the professor, literally. What was left in the program were the devoted cultists locked in a circular echo chamber of reinforcement of the stupid nonsense that is CRT.

It’s time to fight back. No quarter. To win, you have to be unreasonable with the unreasonable, ruthlessly unreasonable, because these radicals co-opt the ideas of debate and compromise (concepts they totally reject) and use them against us normal and rational people. It’s a very effective technique – normal and rational people assume their opponents are normal and rational too, and when this is not, the attackers have an edge.

You cannot play the game with them because they do not accept the rules. You have to reject them and refuse to allow them to use your values and norms to defeat you. You don’t debate people who do not debate. You crush them. Ron DeSantis in Florida gets this. He is willing to accept and shrug off the predictable pushback (“You are racist for not surrendering to our whims and commands!”), and we must all be too. No argument. No, back and forth. Just “No, you don’t get to do that nonsense.” Remember, these are weak people. They cannot make us do anything. They must convince us to comply via shame, guilt, and mean tweets. They lose when we laugh at them.

So, when someone lies and says, “People who criticize CRT want to ban black history” – and they always do – show them this story. This is why CRT must be destroyed. And we must be ruthlessly unreasonable to do it. 

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