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When did it become okay for Americas to live like mere Europeans, to settle, to compromise, to not expect that tomorrow will be better than today? When our country started being run by the pack of establishment weasels that makes up our garbage ruling class. They stopped being loyal to us and started being loyal to a global ideology that demands a “Great Reset” which, when imposed, would leave us impoverished serfs instead of prosperous citizens. But we don’t have to take it, and we’re not going to,


As my new book We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America demonstrates, once America was a magical land of unchallenged military power, cultural domination, and economic supremacy. Your parents did better than their parents, and you could expect to do better than them. But in the last three decades that all changed. Instead of managing continuous improvement, the establishment began managing continuous decline. And why not? The current crop of cultural trust fund babies who inherited the most powerful nation the world has ever known are just like every other trust fund kid ever - unaccomplished, incompetent, yet somehow believing that they are due respect not for what they have achieved but for what positions they were handed because they got a degree from Yale. It’s like we’re now being run by the heirs to the Kennedy or Biden dynasties, with all that implies, up to and including them figuratively snorting lines of blow off some Belorussian hooker’s butt.

Answer this question - what institution is stronger, what societal function is running more smoothly, today than in 1991 after eight years of Reagan and a couple years before peaking under George Bush? Put aside technology. Yeah, you can have Grindr on your cell phone now. Big deal. But back at the pinnacle in 1991, would it have ever occurred to you that if you went to the store to get food for your baby - our native population was still growing back then, because people had hope for the future - you would find empty shelves? How about tampons? Did you have tampon shortages on your 2022 bingo card? 


And then there’s chicken, that basic staple chicken. I went to speak to some Republicans at a country club - don’t worry, these ladies were highly based and would have laughed a squish like Jeb!’s fat tush out of the joint - and I sold it out because I am amazing. I get there and there’s room for another dozen tables. What’s up? Why not put up some more tables? Because the club can’t do it - it would love to, but it can’t guarantee that it can get that many chicken breasts.

In America! In America, when the hell would you ever imagine that you could not walk into a store and get as much yardbird as you wanted? Maybe in the forties, during WW2, with rationing. Yet in 2022, this is where we are. Our ruling class can’t even assure us of chicken.

But Kurt, what about the gas shortage in the seventies? Remember that? I sure do, both because I am old and because it was such bizarre and unusual one-off. Yet, under the current bipartisan establishment, nonsense like this is the new normal. Just like people telling us to wear a stupid, useless mask over our pieholes. Democracy has been replaced by self-appointed-expertocracy. Even the freedom supply chain is screwed up.

It never ends. The things we took for granted decades ago are uncertain, and there’s always an excuse - inevitably one that blames us. Like the new take on air conditioners, which is that they are an extravagance we should learn to live without. What the hell? Why?

And don’t get me started on the bizarre insistence of the resetters that we all need to give up beef and start eating bugs.  I have a better idea. How about we eat ribeyes and burgers like Americans instead of crickets and locust like Third World famine victims?


A proper ruling class would see the problems and move to solve them, because the proper relationship between the ruling class and the rest of us is that the ruling class provides prosperity and security and the rest of us let them skim some cream off the top. If they were doing a decent job, their riches and luxuries would not bother us much; but when they have failed yet still expect full pay and benefits anyway, that grates. It is unsustainable.

So why doesn’t the ruling class try to get America moving again instead of telling us that we should settle for less and less? For one thing, because our ruling class is not competent. Joe Biden is, in a way, the perfect president for the resetters - stupid and getting seniler, corrupt, yet absolutely sure of his own genius despite literally no basis for that self-regard. Look, the solutions are there. Want to fix crime? Do what Giuliani did in New York City in the nineties. Want energy independence? Do what Trump did in 2016. Want the economy roaring? Do what Reagan and Trump did. These tactics are not secrets, yet they seem to be too hard for our elite to pull off. Our reset revolt will be to embrace someone who can.

Of course, the incompetence issue assumes that our elite wants to succeed in doing what elites should do. Does it really? Does it really want us prosperous, secure and free? Oh, the elite wants to succeed for itself, and it sure has. The elite is richer than ever. And it intends to stay that way even after you are reset to “Peasant” mode. The elite won’t be taking public transportation among the hobos like you. They will be safe behind armed guards while you are disarmed and victimized - defend yourself at your peril! And they will keep eating steak tartar while you slurp up beetle paste. Yum yum, proles!


The ruling caste has no intention of you living like a civilized citizen. No, you are their sacrifice, to Gaia, the angry weather goddess or whatever other pagan idol that empty void inside them worships. Your pain is the point. Remember, bullies love the raw exercise of power. Making you miserable is a manifestation of their urge to dominate and crush. That’s the genesis of those  seemingly insane moves around the world like Sri Lanka giving up fertilizer or agricultural powerhouse Holland evicting farmers. But these moves - including the destruction of our own energy industry - only seem insane if you refuse to accept their ultimate goal. They want to hurt you. Your pain is a feature, not a bug - which will be your next meal if they get their way.

No. This does not have to be. We can reverse it, and we will. The American people were not born for misery and decline. Look at the 2022 (and 2024) polls. Americans want to reset the resetters. We’re going to have to have a peaceful revolution to reject them, their future of poverty and subservience, and especially their weird obsession with making us ingest insects.

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