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Are the Republicans Smart Enough?

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AP Photo/Aaron Doster

Why is everything crappier than it used to be? Have you noticed? Everything has gotten worse. And people are like, "Well, we just have to put up with it." I don't need to put up with it! I'm not here to put up with that crap.

Look, gas has always sort of been expensive, but it's never been $7 per gallon expensive. I don't like the idea that I go to a store and can't get what I want – empty shelves. What the hell are we? The Soviet Union? It's not that hard to get people the stuff they want because we've done it pretty much since World War II. "Well, in this world of gross incompetence and total corruption, you have to recalibrate your expectations." I'm not recalibrating anything. How about you do a better job? See, that's the key for Republicans. But the problem for the Republicans is the other side is so terrible, we're going to get free votes we shouldn't get. We have to bring something to the table. We have to differentiate ourselves. We have to be different from the Democrats. We have to have something more than we suck slightly less. 




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