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Is it wrong to giggle hysterically at the Democrats’ electoral predicament? No, it’s right – so very, very right. You see, not only are they facing historical trends against the party in power in its first mid-term, and not only did Ron DeSantis’s brave stand on Florida redistricting – imposed upon a soft legislature that wanted to go all Mitt n’ Candy and give away the GOP store – set up the left for a loss. No, besides the popularity of Joe Biden being on par with prostate infections, the Democrats have been suckered into letting the GOP pick the issues and, effectively, the Democrat platform. This is gonna be sweet!

We are honored by our heroes, and when one gives his life because of a grave betrayal by our nation’s leaders, it is even worse. Spare a moment and a prayer for 22-year-old Texas National Guard Specialist Bishop E. Evans of Arlington, TX, drowned trying to save the lives of people Joe Biden and his clique invited into our country in violation of the laws they swore to uphold. In contrast, SPC Evans took his oath seriously, and it cost him his life.

Why Yes, We Are Happy to Focus on Our Chosen Issues This Election Cycle

The presidency is a bully pulpit, except when the president is a desiccated, senile old pervert who channels Beavis in his Cornholio mode. Maybe the House Speaker could pick up the slack – oh wait, no, Pelosi is an ancient, rich San Franciscan who hasn’t seen a normal American up close since that dude put his boots up on her desk.

And Schumer is to his opponent Mitch McConnell as Brian Stelter, who is a potato, is to Fabio.

These goofs cannot create an agenda, at least not one normal people care about, so the GOP has chosen it for them. And the Democrats, totally in hock to their lunatic fringe – that is, their mainstream – are forced to provide a platform to address it that is what Republicans dream of running against.

How about schools? The Dems are going with more power for the unions that ruined the last two years, plus more CRT and letting perverted groomers have access to our kids. Oh, and they think parents should shut up and obey. We’ve seen how that worked in blue Virginia; the result is that Virginia is now purple.

How about crime? Well, they are trying to walk back “Defund the police,” but the internet is forever. And their blue Democrat cities have recently legalized crime, so there’s that anchor around Dem necks.

And inflation? Well, they are blaming it on Putin at the same time they are demanding we confront Putin even harder. Oh, and because of the climate cult we can’t open up American fossil fuel reserves. Good plan – once a week every American gets to be forcibly violated at the pump and they all know Biden is behind it.

Finally, war and the border. Yeah, we all kind of hope Ukraine stops the invasion, but Democrat Chris Coons gave away the secret by demanding that we go to war to defend other people’s border even as we leave ours wide open. Our border is going to be a huge issue as well, and it will be fun for Democrats to explain how in a time of economic crisis we should let a few million Third World peasants come on in and help themselves to the federal benefit buffet.

If the GOP had written the Democrat platform for 2022, exactly how would it be any different? This is going to be awesome!

Honor Specialist Evans

Our soldiers are just a camo blur to hacks like Biden and the rest of the liberal elite. But to guys like me who served, they are very real indeed. SPC Bishop E. Evans of the Texas Army National Guard, was only 22 but was more of a man and more of an American than the bastards who made it necessary for Governor Greg Abbott to put him on the Rio Grande to stop the flow of illegal aliens that the Democrats invited into America in a gross violation of our laws, and in a gross violation of their duties.

But SPC Evans did not hesitate to do his duty. When he saw some illegals in danger of drowning, he went in to save them and he lost his life to save theirs. They never should have been there; he never should have had to be there. But they were and he was and he had a job to do. He did it, and it cost him his life.

But the Democrats do not care, not at all. SPC Evans was collateral damage in their campaign to change America’s electorate by importing what they see as future Democrats. They don’t care that he died. He was an acceptable loss, just as the thousands of dead illegals are acceptable losses.

And so are the tens of thousands of Americans dead of fentanyl and other drugs walked over the wide-open border. This is murder on a massive scale, all for the Democrats’ political advantage. If you are not mad, you are not paying attention.

To add insult to injury, the people SPC Evans was trying to save may well have been drug mules.

Honor Specialist Bishop Evans as the hero he was – and I can tell you that his courage and compassion was something I saw regularly from our young troops when I was honored to lead them. Never forget him. In fact, honor his memory by working even harder to hold the people responsible for his and many, many other deaths responsible at the ballot box this November.

Go pre-order We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America now; it comes out July 12 but the right time to own the libs – which it does epically – is right this minute. I am also in the midst of writing Inferno, Kelly Turnbull No. 7, the next book after The Split, for release this fall. Spoiler: It is a sequel, not a prequal, in that it picks up right after Collapse with the US and the blue dictatorship still at war. Oh, there’s shooting. Is there ever shooting. It’s also going to be lit – literally.

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