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The Left Has Lost the Fight

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There's so much going on.

Nancy Pelosi has Covid, and she was kissing on Joe Biden. And Jen Psaki says, now, I love this, "They weren't in close contact...BE SURE YOU WEAR YOUR MASK ON AN AIRPLANE!" Have you seen the polls? Plus 10 Republicans. What does +10 Republican mean when you are talking about a midterm election? In 2010, also known as the "Deliverance Election Cycle," the Republicans won 63 seats. At the time, they were like +2 or +3. If we win 40, we can start dealin' some pain. Also, Senator Chuck Grassley has been putting some interesting stuff out on Hunter Biden. Homeboy is dirty AF! Holy cow!

So much stuff has happened.

And stuff happened to me personally. We all know I lost my father this week. I want to thank all of you guys who sent me notes. It was very much appreciated. Your prayers are very much appreciated, whether it was on Twitter or my On Locals page, or here at Townhall VIP. It was very nice and very meaningful to Irina and me.



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