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The Latest Woke Absurdity

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Welcome to the "Stream of Kurtiousness"! The Townhall VIP video thing that occurs every Friday, and you are a part of it. I'm talking about what's on my mind or what isn't on my mind, or what just comes into my range of vision. Who knows? Who cares? Brace yourself. Buckle up. Kids, get ready for the ride. Somebody who's going by the name of Lia Thomas, who has a penis, has won the 500-yard freestyle women's swimming thing. The big thing is, it's a dude swimming in a girl's swimming contest. Also, did you know that the Army has a new briefing on its transsexual policy? Gov. Ron DeSantis is continuing his fight against the left that wants to groom your kids, and the regime news media is finally acknowledging the Hunter Biden laptop.



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