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Okay! Lots of big news. The big news, of course, is the majority of Virginians are white supremacists, including the majority of Latinos and a larger number of black people than usually aren't. I mean, who is the person who sees Winsome Sears, who's an immigrant. She's a black lady. She's a marine. She's cool. She has you an AR-15. And she's awesome. And the Left's like, "Well, there's another face of white supremacy." Like Larry Elder! 

Then, of course, there's Cuban-Amerian Jason Miyares, the incoming attorney general of Virginia. He is also a white supremacist. Are you getting the feeling this term doesn't have a lot of meaning, that it just kind of means "person I don't like," you know?

Look, I understand the media are Democrat transcriptionists, and they are stupid, unaccomplished people. I just don't know if they actually believe it.

Warning: Contains Strong Language


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