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Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP

There’s dumb, and then there’s the Biden administration. Just the other day, the Chi Coms fired off a hypersonic missile. It goes up on a rocket, then glides back to earth toward is target at about five times the speed of sound, and has the ability to zig and zag so that our missile defense systems can’t hit it. Now, you strap a hot rock to the tip, and that presents a multiple megaton problem for us.

So, let’s make a goof of it.

The ridiculous Jenn Psaki, speaking to the trained seals that make up the majority of the White House press corps, was asked about this highly troubling development, but it didn’t worry her gingery little head. “We welcome the competition,” she uptalked, apparently on purpose.

Are you kidding me? No. This is their response to an enemy that is closing in on the capability of wiping out our country with the push of a button. According to the experts, the reds have about 255 warheads now, so considering the track record of the intel community, count that as 500 minimum. And they are digging silos as we speak.

So, we have some choices – MAD (mutually assured destruction) or better missile defenses. But the Democrats have a third choice. Instead of spending cash we don’t have on new missile subs and land-based missiles to rebuild our shockingly diminished nuclear arsenal so that the Mao Men understand that whatever they start we finish, or lasers and stuff to vaporize these projectiles, they want to squander it on their ridiculous climate change hoax.

You know what would really change the climate, what would actually constitute man-made global warning? A few hundred commie nukes going off over the continental United States. That would warm us up a few million degrees. But hey, on the plus side we wouldn’t have an overpopulation problem anymore.

Wondering about what a nuclear war might look like, you innocent millennials and Gen Z types who did not grow up in the Cold War? This handy site will help you plot your personal chance of survival. Just place ground zero over whatever population center, or military or industrial concentration is nearest you crib and run the numbers. Use “airburst” and 300 kilotons, just to be conservative, for what would happen should a Chinese bomb would go kung ka-pow over your neighborhood.

My personal chance is about zero. The South Bay of Los Angeles is filled with companies with names like “Northrop” and “Grumman,” and a big Air Force/Space Force base. Target the futuristic TRW complex where they filmed that Star Trek episode with the flying pancake parasite creatures and, well, there goes my day along with a few hundred thousand other people’s. And you thought being in California couldn’t get any worse.

I kind of take that potential seriously, even if Jenn doesn’t.

Now, there is hope. First, the Chinese have some accuracy issues. The missile hit within 20 miles or so of its target. Then again, close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and H-bombs. They will get better.

Second, they steal our stuff shamelessly, so we can be pretty sure we’re ahead. I have no inside knowledge of this stuff, and would not discuss it if I did, but it is clear we are working on the same things and it is also clear that the Chi Com’s research model is basically to have spies steal what we are doing. Sadly, the FBI is engaged with important stuff like sending SWAT teams to arrest trespassers or it might, you know, arrest some spies.

The Trump administration was actually working on these systems, not just research but actively deploying them. Robert O’Brien, Trump’s excellent national security advisor, was on Fox recently discussing the initiative. The Biden administration, of course, took all that hard work and flushed it.

Moreover, there are some hints we are ahead out there. Hugh Hewitt, one of the only media folks raising the alarm over this emergency (I sometimes guest host for him) recently had Senator Tom Cotton on to discuss the issue. Cotton, who has access to info we don’t, said:

“The thing that was shocking about the Sputnik moment is it demonstrated a capability that the United States did not then have. That’s not the case, as you point out, with hypersonic glide vehicles. We are also rapidly trying to build up that capability, and we’re still doing a better job of it than any country in the world.”

That’s reassuring, or at least reassuring-ish. But how long until the Chi Coms overtake us while the Democrats toss money to freeloaders instead of defending our country?

Now, let’s not let the military off the hook. In recent years, the military leadership has also failed the seriousness challenge. It’s not just their humiliating failure in Afghanistan. It’s ridiculous men like Milley and Austin pretend – to please their Democrat overlords – that the real threat to America is the weather a century hence, or whatever the hell “white rage” is.

I was no general, but I know the threat is China. So does everyone who is conscious and not a member or fan of this administration.

The military is bloated with waste and the procurement system is a bad joke, but our frustration with these bureaucrat hacks does not relieve us of the necessity of dealing with real threats. China wants to be the dominant power in the world, which means it has to beat us. Unless we want to be a vassal state answering to Beijing – and make no mistake that there are those in our elite who would be delighted to do so – then we have to rebuild our nuclear triad and develop missile defenses to zap these hypersonics out of the sky. The Chinese threat means making real choices about defense spending. I, for one, vote to show our seriousness of purpose immediately by spending less on nonsense, such as anyone in the DoD with a title that includes the words “Equity,” “Inclusion” or “Diversity.” But that’s really just nibbling at the margins of wasteful spending. We need to make real decisions about capabilities. This can’t be just another feed trough for the defense hogs to feed at. 

But getting serious won’t happen until we get a serious administration back in office with serious folks at the helm again. Today, we are in a crisis with a deeply unserious administration full of deeply unserious people working the most serious job on earth. I just hope when all the saps who voted for this clown car watch a mushroom cloud blooming over their blue urban enclave, they remind themselves that at least there are no more mean tweets.

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