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I’m not sure which is my favorite aspect of this disgraceful and dangerous festival of bans, gagging, and silencing that the Establishment embarked upon last week after it finally discovered one kind of riot it didn’t approve of. Maybe it was the journalists cheering censorship. Maybe it was True Conservatives™ like that geek from National Review giving censorship a soft, girlish thumbs-up – perhaps if the libs shut down the competition then people will sign up for NR’s cruises again. Ahoy! Or maybe it was the ACLU trying to balance the realization that having corporations not totally control what people say is bad with the imperative that Orange Man Bad.


So many beclownings to choose from. 

Oh wait, I forgot the promiscuous use of terms like “insurrectionist” and “sedition,” coming after four years of putting “treason” out on the street to work the corners. Well, if standing up to the fascist Establishment is those things now, you’ll find they just don’t carry the stigma the Establishment is hoping for anymore. In Orwellian America, the meaning of words change as needed. “Capitalism” has changed too – if this Chi Com-smooching corporatist oligarchy is “capitalism,” then I’m something else.

They want to impeach the president too, and certainly a few GOP invertebrates will go along with it. The idea is not to hold him accountable for some imagined “incitement” – being lectured about fomenting mobs by that withered hag Maxine Waters, whose mess I had to clean up when I mobilized for the LA riots (excuse me, “LA Rebellion”), is almost too funny – but to humiliate you, to try and tar him historically, and to bar him from running again. 

As usual, they are stupid. No one’s getting humiliated since this gambit will fail in the Senate, the certain vote of Mitt (R?-Miracle Whip) in solidarity with the people who accused him of wanting to reimpose slavery notwithstanding. It won’t tar Trump historically – I was never one for the “History’s gonna judge you harshly if you don’t embrace my policy preferences” flex anyway, but Trump’s amazing term cries out for a fresh take in the future by a historian not terrified that his history department is going to fire him for thinking unapproved thoughts.


And barring Trump from running? Say, wouldn’t people concerned with democracy leave the evaluation of Trump’s behavior and suitability for future office to the voters? Yes – next question. 

Regardless, besides it being malicious, it’s kind of dumb. No more Trump candidacy? Yeah, go ahead and throw the GOP in that briar patch. Right off, Trump starts with about 50% of people hating his guts, and everyone of them will vote. That’s not to say he could not win the GOP primary. He would, especially up against the likes of tiresome, two-faced Jeb! floppelganger Nikki! Haley. In the last week, she flip-flopped from “Trump will be judged harshly by history” (there’s that hack cliché again) to “Silencing people, not to mention the President of the US, is what happens in China not our country. #Unbelievable.” How about #NeverNikki! instead? Regardless, you gotta admire her flexibility, since, like Kamala grooving on Willie Brown, albeit figuratively, Nikki! does what she thinks she has to do to scramble up the ladder. Also, Trump would beat Tom Cotton because of Cotton’s newfound support from the New York Times, which recently fully embraced his idea of turning the Army on political protesters.

No, Trump would likely be the nominee if he wanted to be (an open question), but his chances in the general are slim. With ~50% of folks against him to start, he’s got to run the table even in a fair election (Yeah, right, “fair”…what’s that knock on my door? The FBI? Wants to interrogate me for daring to question the fairness of an election?). A successful impeachment takes the Trump factor and its attendant risks out of the equation but leaves him as kingmaker and motivator. But they get the feels, so the hell with strategy. Like I said, they’re stupid.


And evil. 

You know they hate you, right? Really and truly, and they want you silenced, disenfranchised, and dead if necessary. That woman the federal cop shot on video in the Capitol, capped for trespassing, was expendable and so are you. Now, one might be accused of “whataboutism” for this next part, but whataboutism is a moral necessity that highlights the lies that form the foundation of our garbage Establishment, and therefore it must be constantly and loudly practiced. What about all those people killed on video whose deaths sparked riots? Now, the initial read on the shooting seems bad, but being the wacky nonconformist rebel I am, I’ll wait until all the facts are in to make a final judgment and just say at present that the shooting looks questionable. But no one will ask the questions. The cop will be cleared and will never, ever be charged, and even if President Biden’s* U.S. Attorney in the forthcoming State of D.C. were to file charges (LOL, sometimes I even make myself laugh), let’s just say I put the chances of a D.C. jury convicting at about O.J. level.

Standard Status: Double.

So, the Establishment has decided to address the grievances of people who feel disenfranchised, silenced, and subjected to double standards with much more disenfranchisement, silencing, and double standards. Seems like an on-brand move for the most corrupt, unwise, and incompetent – yet remarkably arrogant – ruling caste America has ever known. Good plan – deny them the right to pick their 2024 president, clap like trained seals as corporate overlords cut off their ability to express themselves, and continue to treat their own supporters well and dissenters much, much worse. That’s sustainable. Say, let’s put out this blazing fire with this handy can of gasoline.


Yeah, they are having fun for now. While the supine GOP is tweeting hack cliches about Muh Not Who We Are, the left is trying to tighten the noose. But we’re woke. Rasmussen puts Trump’s popularity at 51%, rising after the riots. We aren’t blaming Trump for the riots. And we sure aren’t rolling over for these bastards.

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