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There has been a lot of talk about whether our law enforcement (and our military) would follow the orders of those like that furry fascist Beto to unleash a reign of terror upon innocent American citizens who the liberal elite’s unconstitutional gun decrees would turn into felons. Most of our heroic cops and warriors would hold true to their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. But some pathetic worms would willingly, even eagerly betray their oaths and make war upon their own people. They need to know there will be consequences. 


No, not the physical danger that collaborators would inevitably face enforcing such illegal commands, though we’ve seen the bloody results of such tyranny before and it sure won’t be The Waco Kid going through the door. This is about the other consequences of abandoning one’s oath. It is about the consequences that would come when the rule of law returns and justice demands to be done. Because there will be an accounting before the law for anyone who swore to defend the Constitution and then willingly does the opposite. 

As you know, if you are law enforcement or military, you have a non-delegable duty to assess every order you receive and to refuse unlawful ones. And the Constitution is unequivocal that busting into a house to disarm peaceful Americans is a no-go. 

What your oath requires you to do – or to refuse to do – in that scenario is clear. What you will do if faced with the choice is the only question. And you who will face this question better ask yourselves right now where you stand. It’s a hard question and an unfair one – you should never be put in that position, but life is hard and unfair. 

What will you do?

About 40 percent of you will loudly and clearly refuse to obey any illegal orders. That’s the response we citizens expect. Yeah, you will have to risk your retirement, but you bought that risk when you took the oath. We expect you to take whatever hit comes with keeping it, and getting fired for not attacking other Americans is a bitter pill but one you agreed to swallow. It sure isn’t the bitterest pill you might face. After all, if some psycho is shooting up a high school, we expect you to go in and kill him or die trying. Move to the sound of the guns. We don’t care if he’s got a M240 and you’ve got a .22 derringer. 


Worst case, you pop some caps at him and end up taking bullets a kid would have taken. That’s your duty, and we expect you to do it. That’s why you get the big bucks. That’s also why you get our sincere respect and admiration. So, if keeping your oath means getting fired – or court-martialed – well, duty calls. Hopefully, after the tables turn, we can make it right for you.

Now, about 40 percent more of them will covertly resist. They won’t yell or make a scene or quit. They will practice a bit of what the great Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds calls “Irish Democracy.” They’ll nod and smile and simply not cooperate. They’ll gum up the works, overlook violators, work slowly – generally get all DMV on their gun-grabbing superiors. Look at the cops today in big blue cities who know that their brass doesn’t have their backs while the politicians do – right in their sights. These flatfoots pantomime their patrols and pretend to police, but they don’t. Not really. They see trouble and hit the gas, or watch the chaos unfold from their vehicles, and the crime rate rises, but they go home safe. Irish democracy.

And then there’s the 20 percent who would salute and obey unlawful orders to assault fellow Americans. You know the type – there are some in every unit. These contemptible weasels might do it because of weakness or a desire to get ahead by pleasing those in power. Statistically, there will always be some blue falcons, and since honor and duty were not enough to hold them to their solemn promise to the American people, then the consequences of their betrayal will have to. 


Once the madness of the unconstitutional oppression the Democrats are promising passes, as it will, there will be an accounting before the law. Maybe the oath-breakers will be bankrupted in lawsuits. Maybe they will rot in prison. But the second any protectors who we Normal people revere turn against us, the deference, the benefit of the doubt we offer them for making tough calls in tough situations disappears. When the Waco massacre happened, the American people were stunned. We never imagined that horrific scenario. We never thought that maybe our premier law enforcement agencies might be in the wrong. And no one paid the price for those dozens of children who were burned alive. But today, after the leadership of the FBI lit up the agency’s reputation playing political games for its Democrat pals, we’re all watching. Maybe a Democrat administration can block accountability for a few years, but it cannot forever. We will remember. We will demand justice. If you’re a cop on the street, do you think the elite’s going to protect you like it protected that Looming Doofus Comey?

Remember, the Normal Americans who Beto and his pals presume to unleash their forces upon are the same people who show up for jury duty. And a lawyer like me only has to convince some of them that you were wrong to go barging into some guy’s house because you thought he had naughty pew-pews, and you can kiss your life savings good-bye. Oh, and that’s if you are lucky. Pray you don’t hurt someone and get a DA willing to charge you criminally. Because, “Well, I knew what I was doing was unconstitutional but I was too weak to say ‘No’” will not cut it. 


“I was just following orders” stopped working at the end of the rope in Nuremberg. Today, you have a bad shoot in a raid on some drug dealer and you get our benefit of the doubt because you’re our knight and it’s a tough job. But if you smoke some 12-year-old for twitching after you break down her daddy’s door because somebody thinks maybe he’s got a scary black rifle somewhere in his condo then you’re the bad guy.


Is saving your pension worth that risk? 

Or will you choose the hard road of upholding your oath if ordered to make war on your fellow Americans?

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