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Desperation Time As Democrats Seek to Stop Trump From Succeeding

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It’s panic time as the liberals struggle to halt the winning streak of President Donald Trump (Yeah, President Donald Trump – get used to it!). It’s tacky, petty, and pathetic, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from the kind of people who shamelessly backed Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit while screeching “#MeToo!”


Hypocrisy, thy name is “Liberal.”

Remember back in the day when Democrats were supposed to be the friends and protectors of oppressed minorities who stood up for their rights out of basic decency and courage? Me neither – the Party of Bull Connor was never really concerned about any minority, just about creating client voter groups they could pillage for money and ballots.

Well, now the Democrats are holding up the confirmation of Ric Grennell as ambassador to Germany. Luckily, Germany is not an important country going through a political crisis right now. Phew!

So, why are the Dems eager to ensure this vital post remains unoccupied? Because Ric is openly gay and a hardcore conservative. His track record at the U.N. as a U.S. spokesman beating the foreigners into line is terrific, and he went to all the fancy schools that normally make the pinkos squee, but the Democrats just can’t let Trump nominate an openly gay, pro-military conservative to a very high position in the government. That would be another blow to the lie the Dems have been telling their clients for decades about how the Republicans are evil monsters of terror. The narrative must be maintained!

Look, I’m biased – Ric is a personal friend and I love America. But this is objectively a great nomination, and that’s why the Democrats are blocking it in the Senate. He’s not the only one either – they are slow-walking all Trump’s appointments to try and keep skeevy Obama minions in place as long as possible. The GOP need to stop letting liberal hacks who prioritize their short-term political gamesmanship over our country’s needs and make this confirmation (and others) happen. The Democrats demand 30 hours of debate? Give it to them – starting at 8:00 a.m. next Saturday and ending at 2:00 p.m. next Sunday. If they wanna play horsey, play horsey.


And remember, gay America, the Democrats are the ones blocking the highest ranking openly gay diplomat in U.S. history, and they are doing it solely because he is gay. Call it “liberal privilege.”

But, holding key positions open is not the only powerless move the Dems have been trying. Perhaps the funniest is their use of talking points to run down the tax relief bill’s manifest success. Pretty much every company everywhere seems to be delivering bonuses and raises to their workers, and it’s driving the Democrats insane. “Crumbs! Crumbs!” mutters Nancy Pelosi as she wanders through the House looking for where she left her missing slipper. You know, a thousand bucks may not sound much to a zillionaire like Nancy, but that’s a lot of money for Normals. And Normals are noticing.

The only thing the Democrats hate worse than workers getting raises is how fast the stock market is going up. Look for the liberal handmaidens at CNN do a 30-part series on how it’s all an illusion hosted by Paul Krugman.

Then there’s the never-ending Trump/Russia/Tin Foil thing. The only conspiracy anyone has found yet was the Obama administration’s conspiracy to rig the election. Rigging elections is apparently okay when it doesn‘t involve the Russians. See, the problem was that Trump’s alleged plot was outsourced to foreigners or something.

The Democrats are hoping against hope that Trump will talk to Mueller, that beagle-looking lackey of the left, and get caught up in some chickenSchiff perjury beef because he says something happened on a Tuesday around noon and it really happened at 11:43 a.m. Trump should not let them bait him – it’s a trap, a trick, an ambush, and he needs to listen to his lawyers and not have a damn thing to do with the people whose teen girl-like volumes of texting clearly reveal them as partisan agents determined to frame the president if that is what it takes to overturn the election.


Trump should tell these dirtbags to talk to the hand, or at least one of his fingers.

And then there’s the DACA thing. Fresh off of breaking Chuck Schumer’s spirit and publicly humiliating him over the shutdown, Trump has done it again. His (too) generous offer to let several million illegal aliens stay here in return for a bunch of measures Normal Americans think are pretty reasonable got exactly the reaction he wanted – an overwrought, hysterical rejection. Letting a bunch of people who broke the law stay here and securing our borders is a hate crime or something.

Trump ought to go one TV and say, “Gosh Dreamers, I wanted to help, but Chuck n’ Nancy said no” while the Marine Band behind him plays the sad trombone sound.

This is also a great way to stir up these foreigners and get them to undercut their support. It’s awesome when these Dreamers, who are all valedictorians, go on TV and complain and make demands and call Normal Americans white supremacists for not letting them be citizens, too, right now. One jerky Dreamer with a ‘tude can wring the sympathy out of thousands of Normals.

Look, I’m a Dreamer too – I dream of a country where our leadership cares more about Americans than a bunch of ungrateful, leftist illegal aliens. My DACA fix is super simple:



Stuff. Except I wouldn‘t call it “stuff.”

But, though I hate the specific terms – no citizenship ever! – this might be political genius. Trump wins when they reject it, which they have already done in the most unhinged terms. Apparently it’s racist to have borders now. Yeah, go into the 2018 midterms waving that banner, thinkers.


But even if the Dems take it, which Trump knew they never will, Trump wins the long game. Yeah, we let a bunch of aliens stay who should be back in their homelands dreaming about making them into places people aren‘t so hell-bent on getting out of. But this deal would leave few future concessions for the real fight, the battle to let all illegals become Democrat voters. You can’t have “comprehensive immigration reform” when the conservatives already got their goodies through DACA reform. “If you give us eight digits of new liberal voters, we’ll give you E-Verify?” Accepting this deal deprives the open borders jerks of bargaining chips down the road to trade for 15 million new Democrats. No wonder they are going nuts.

If this present painful deal makes future fatal deals nearly impossible, I’ll think about it. But more likely Trump ends up looking reasonable, and the Dems looking like what they are – extremists trying to replace uppity American voters with pliable foreign ones.

The simple fact is that Donald Trump’s unlikely presidency has become an unlikely success. The economy is booming. He’s doing what he promised with foreign policy and regulations. He’s outmaneuvered the Democrats again and again on illegal aliens. He’s got the momentum. And the liberals are desperate to stop him – no matter how much doing so will hurt Normal Americans.

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