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Why Benito Going Bonkers Backfired

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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Did you see Joe Biden crash the 2022 campaign?

Like a jetliner that slammed into a mountain, his little “Benito Mussolini LIVE from the third circle of hell” routine on Thursday has already made history as the worst speech in the history of American presidents.


No one should have been surprised by it either. For the previous ten days Karine Jean-Pierre had been using much of the same language just minus all the dripping blood red lighting effects, and no Marines at her flank.

In fact the Biden team have more or less been using this vitriol since coming to power but they had been disinclined to say the “secret part” out loud. 

Since none of that has worked we are now left with their double down, scabbed ripped off the wound, verbal diarrhea which supposed that anyone who disagrees with them is a “threat to democracy.”

The only sad hope that they cling to is that their allies in the media will carry their water (which still may happen.) 

But they won't succeed and there’s more than a few reasons why.

The goal of indicting all who oppose the Biden failure on every policy point is an attempt to smear people that see through him.

In 2020 Biden opened his campaign and attempted to run the entire time on the idea that Trump was racist. Despite doing so more people—and specifically more people of color voted for him than any incumbent President in history.

But Zuckerberg drop boxes won’t be available in Michigan in 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down all of the “emergency Election Day protocols” as unconstitutional in that state, and the fiercest defender of election integrity in Pennsylvania has pulled neck and neck with the Democrat AG for Governor there.


All of that was before Biden’s bizarro-world, gift-in-kind speech donated to him by the networks.

This same week both Biden and Trump held “rallies” in PA. Same town, same city, same week. The Trump rally packing in the attendees tighter than sardines and Biden appearing to be unable to fill even one fourth of his event.

And perhaps most significantly Trump isn’t on the ballot.

Think back to 2020. Do you remember how the rest of the slate of republicans did? 

If typical election patterns would have held, Biden's enormous clobbering of Trump at the top of the ballot should have authored big coattails for House, Senate, and state wide seats. One of the reasons people had questions about the outcome is the fervency with which that simply did not happen. 

The down ballot effect for Republicans actually indicated that Biden’s win got almost no one else across the finish line. Meanwhile candidate after candidate that Trump had helped campaign for did.

Biden’s great wager is that he will link the ideology of America First to Republican nominees and that the people will reject it.

Imagine that for a moment, a sitting President actually hoping for the failure and implosion of America as his first priority.

Even with the extraordinary efforts of millions of non-requested ballots being sent to voters. Even with the evidence of True-the-Vote that proves conclusively that votes were being harvested. Even with the squelching of the laptop. House and Senate candidates still got across the line.


Biden’s impersonation of Mussolini aside, the people of America are exhausted, spent, wrung out from the constant pain his policies have caused. Trump’s ability to  continue to campaign in a disciplined, measured way, and incredibly measured responses to everything from the raid on his home, to Biden’s speech this week is paying dividends.

The pressure must stay on Biden for his failure in office. His policies continue to lay siege to the American family. Our bank accounts continue to lose value every day his green agenda is pushed. 

Biden became historical on Thursday night. He’s the least serious person to have ever held the office. He is arguably the worst the position has ever seen. His team is desperate and out of options.

Their hope is to slander anyone who doesn’t support them in lock step as being an enemy of the state. 

They will fail and no amount of pounding the podium and attacking those who disagree with him will ever make up that difference. 

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