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You could see it written all over Soledad O’Brien’s face. In her interview with the sitting Vice President she asks a simple question about the efficacy of IDs for voters. The word salad that came back from Kamala Harris was so inane, lacking in general coherency and mortifyingly insulting, the BET cameras caught a glimpse of an expression on the interviewer’s face that screamed, “why me?”


This revelation from Harris’ sit down with BET capped off a bizarre weekend in which it was also revealed that she’s “far too busy” to deal with all the areas of focus she’s taken on. She also famously uttered that perhaps she just needs to “tell Joe ‘no’” more often.

I’m pretty sure all of that is the opposite of how it’s supposed to happen.

Yet this is the new standard from the Jello Commander in chief and his number two “Cackles” the clown.

Brazen hubris, jaw dropping incompetence, and a complete inability to even explain their simplest ideas.

I mean if you thought Kamala’s confusion on voter IDs wasn’t bad enough (where she more or less claimed that rural Americans are too stupid to use IDs due to a lack of Office Max and Kinkos’ stores—which have not existed since 2008–near them) it was nothing compared to Biden being asked about ransom ware attacks and after literally no one understood his response he blurts out “But I was briefed on this!”

The former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Dr. Monica Crowley pointed out on my show, that every media member did accurately report what flavor of ice cream the *President stuffed his sugar cone with even though he had no answer about Russia. She added, “because it’s simple, he has NO strategy.”


The former Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland also told my audience this week, “No one fears this administration.”

She’s correct.

And that is perhaps one of the biggest dilemma’s America presently faces.

We went from an entire administration of strength on par or perhaps surpassing the likes of Teddy Roosevelt & Ronald Reagan in terms of pure toughness to a group now in the White House that make Barack Obama & Jimmy Carter appear strong. (Arguably two of the most feckless administrations ever to serve.)

The lack of respect from the rest of the world is lethal, yet no on at the White House has a clue.

This crew is so focused on putting unremarkable men into sports competition with outstanding women, patting themselves on the back for saving you .16 cents on your hot dog, and forcing instructional racism into your kids’ schools they have no answers for why lumber costs 400% more than it did six months ago, the fact that China is speed building enough nuke silos to wipe us out, or that the nation’s best cities are crawling with black men killing other black men.

Why are there no grown-ups in charge anywhere?

Against this backdrop it becomes very interesting to watch the Arizona audit unfold. It’s compelling to read of similar efforts in multiple states about to get underway.


And it felt very natural to watch former President Trump announce his class-action litigation against Twitter, facebook and YouTube (Google.) He’s always st his best when fighting for the big issues!

The reason Trump got the most votes of any sitting President in 2020 was simple. He had proven he could get the job done, and that he would fight for the sovereignty, decency and integrity of America. He proved it in his interactions with foreign leaders. He proved it in the quality of life he brought to American’s lives every day.

We now all reside in a nation akin to a rudderless Titanic. We’ve already—in only six months—hit multiple icebergs.

The ship’s crew have already headed for the lifeboats.

And help seems as far away as a photocopier at a Kinko’s in “the country.”

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