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Joe Biden's Voters Are His Biggest Problem

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The biggest problem Joe Biden faces in the next sixty days is his own voters.

Not the one’s who are contemplating which presidential candidate to support, watching the conventions, comparing competitive visions for America.


No his problem are the committed, militant, angry voters of his that are breaking store windows in New York City, murdering 10 innocent victims in Chicago over this past weekend, being bussed in—in majority percentages to burn car dealerships in Kenosha, and to shoot their political opposite in cold blood in the streets—only to then brag on a bullhorn on camera that they were glad they killed that “effing” fascist—in Portland. 

Democrats don’t like the fact that people are pointing out, that these things are all being done by people who support Biden. They get downright angry in fact.

But they have only themselves and the ticket to blame.

It wasn’t Mike Pence that said on a zoom call that these rioters will keep going, and keep going, nine times in the same speech. It wasn’t anybody except Kamala Harris that said in that very same presentation that the rioters, “should…keep going—past Election Day and beyond.”

It wasn’t a Blue Lives Matter supporter that walked up to a supporter of President Trump and shot him at point blank range in cold blood, only to then run off—it was a Black Lives Matter anarchist.

When an entire mob descended on Chicago’s magnificent mile and looted the most lucrative stores—and justified the theft as “reparations,” it wasn’t center right opinions on Fox News that endorsed the activity, it was the in-the-tank hosts at MSNBC.

All of these people that occupied CHOP in Seattle, attempted to burn down the federal buildings in Portland, and that demanded that they be allowed to--weren’t potential attendees to next year’s CPAC.


It’s also not just the perps that are presenting the real problem for Joe Biden.

It’s his fellow elected officials who also qualify as his voters.

To be clear it was elected Democrats (additional Joe Biden voters) that forced cities to defund their police departments. Doing so when in 2019 an unarmed American of any and all races had a less than .00002% chance of being killed by a police officer. In fact police officers daily face the prospect of being twice as likely to be killed themselves than of killing an unarmed American white, black, latino or other.

It has been the Governors of Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New York and Wisconsin, and the Mayors of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, and Kenosha—that not only have rebuffed needed help in quelling the violence, but actually attempted to befriend, create alliances with, and continue to encourage the rioters in their actions.

With crimes rates exploding—some boroughs of NYC are up more than 300% from the previous year—its disheartening to “normal” voters to see a mayor more interested in painting street murals excusing the dangers, rather than the much longed for days of a previous mayor who brought mobs to justice and then made his city the safest on earth.

The absolute fumbling, bumbling idiocy of Governors like Evers & Cuomo, & Mayors like DeBlasio, Lightfoot & Wheeler are also chasing additional Biden voters out of their liberal safe grounds.

These cities are suffering economically from the crime loss, property values are plummeting, and those who have the ability are exiting quickly—if they haven’t already.


One last set of Joe Biden voters are also noticing—the media. One anchor on CNN uttering the utterly unimaginable saying “it’s showing up in the polling.” Which is itself another problem entirely. Americans aren’t voting the violence as an issue because “of the polling.” Americans will vote on the issue of the violence based on visceral fear of what would happen in their own communities if Joe Biden’s voters really were allowed to run everything.

While the Democratic National Convention seemed curiously devoid of any interest in the issue—minus the endorsement Kamala Harris gave the rioters to keep going—suddenly after the Republican Convention in which the theme struck America’s heartstrings they decide to confront it.

Joe Biden’s voters also were proud of the fact that Joe Biden’s campaign staffers (possibly as many as 13) made contributions to essentially pay the rioters bail bonds so that they could be immediately free to go back and do more “Joe Biden stuff” to buildings and people.

Sadly since the murder of George Floyd by a rogue cop protected by yet more of Joe Biden’s voters—unions—the nation has watched as Joe Biden’s voters have destroyed tens of billions of dollars in private property. They’ve wondered why police organizations have for the first time in many election cycles endorsed the republican, only to realize that 700 innocent cops have been grossly injured in the violence. And the lives of 34 innocent people have been murdered by Joe Biden’s voters.


Make that 35 with the cold blooded shooting Sunday night.

Donald Trump told the nation that they will not be safe in Joe Biden’s America.

Joe Biden tries to ask, “Do you feel safe in Donald Trump’s America?”

But as Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) told my listeners on Monday, “That’s an incomplete question.” Biden’s completed question should read, “Do you feel safe in Donald Trump’s America, with Joe Biden’s voters destroying cities and allowed to do so by Joe Biden’s voters in elected office, and enabled by Joe Biden’s voters in media?”

Joe Biden’s voters, destroying America on a nightly basis, and hoping to bring it to your hometown!

That’s Joe Biden’s biggest problem.

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