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Get this through your head: Rust belt voters aren’t open border abortionists struggling to express their sexual preferences.

This statement matters greatly because of the seismic shift that sent an “oh crap” moment through the Democratic ranks in this week’s primaries. And while it’s entirely possible that the blue core of the progressive socialists that are angrily charging may bounce the Pelosi/Schumer leadership in the U.S. congressional bodies, America as a whole is not ready for the full on implementation of the Obama-era radicalism that lost 1000 consecutive elections under its “vision.”

America corrected course from that and in its place put the most accomplished conservative (at least in terms of policies) administration of my lifetime.

Obama wanted to be a transformational president. Trump is.

Nevertheless the rage that is being exhibited in Twitter feeds is not representative of what not long ago was the core of the Democratic Party.

Sure there may be Democrats that feel badly that a relative few (reminder: most in US custody were unaccompanied and abandoned) children were separated from the parents at the border (through strict enforcement of a law that was formulated by Clinton and implemented by Obama.) But there are few to none rust-belters that desire the kind of abolishing of Immigrations & Custom Enforcement the likes of which Cynthia Nixon pines for on The View

Yet because Cynthia Nixon now drums it everywhere she goes as a “candidate” for governor of New York, incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo has to adjust his message to race her to the front of the “No Wall Ever” protest.

Rust belters in the past have been put out of work both by migrant workers coming here and working in unofficial capacities that allowed them to take jobs from more experienced long time blue collar employers. But those same values-driven “JFK” or “Reagan” Democrats also watched jobs get outsourced overseas—some of which have begun to return in the era of Trump. 

They are union members. They want some government protections or safety-nets. But they have no interest in wearing p-ssy hats, being called bigots because their faith has a traditional view of marriage, or being told that their daughters must abort their crisis pregnancies. They have no use for being singled out while eating at their local diner because they believe those things either. 

Best of all (for Trump), they have no desire to be attached to an image of a political party where the leadership looks more like ANTIFA than the good people their parents were who just “voted Democrat because they helped ‘the people.’”

This week has been a turning point in the American political landscape. Elected congressional officials have finally married their words with the philosophies they secretly adopted the day a community “organizer” was elected as their leader. 

Think about it: Occupy, ANTIFA, even Obama himself all told them to go harass and “get in their face” long before Maxine Waters. But no one was ever there (or at minimum listened to) from within their ranks to advise against it.

The Democratic Party in large part used to lie about their real agenda. They would do so partly based on their primary calendar. With the hardened progressive states of California and New York falling later in the calendar year—the most extreme positions on issues could be shielded from view. 2020 will be different because California demands to be heard from early in the process now.

It was laughable how Jerry Brown sat with 60 Minutes last Sunday and acted as though his state is in great shape. But they now wish to be the arbiter of how extreme the candidates will be forced to get if they wish to claim the delegate-rich win.

This week’s primaries—specifically the race in New York's 14th Congressional District—was a shock of enormous impact to the Pelosi/Schumer governance. When a 28-year-old rookie knocks off the heir apparent to the position of majority leader it is easy to decipher that the dynamic has changed.

The radicals of the far political left do not represent the middle of the road hopes of people who may have voted for Democrats in the past but want nothing to do with becoming a sad step-sister to the progressive-socialist-Godlessness of Europe.

But watch what happens here. A landmark win in NY14 will send ripples through other congressional races. Soros and other longtime funding sources who want to see America brought low will start pouring in cash and knocking the tired leadership voices out of positions. There will be fewer and fewer in their ranks that will tolerate moderation and cooperation with the Trump-headed GOP.

The new group is angry and incapable of accepting such compromise, they believe that their passions will lead them to the new enlightenment where tax-paying, church-going, child-raising people are viewed as the problem merely because they disagree with nearly everything they hold dear.

That societal dissonance was one that our Founding Fathers not only expected when they wrote the documents that birthed our nation—but that they hoped they would encourage. They envisioned a pluralistic society where every man was free to serve God and man to the greatest moral good their hearts could conceive. No king or governor to tell them otherwise.

They are getting louder and far more mouthy on social media—just be warned—Twitter has not been and shall not be in the near future safe viewing for family friendly audiences. The anger, hate and rage are amplified by traditional media sources that are not reporting stories accurately, and politicians who are now knowingly stirring up the masses to become violent in their harassment of those who disagree.

Meanwhile Trump continues to score wins in national security, foreign policy, and economic/job growth/regulatory reforms.

Rust belt voters found a home with a man who identifies more with them because he’s a builder, than any of the artistic, academic, or elitist voices that populate the modern “blue wave.”

The Darker the blue they turn—which they will in certain areas with no problem—the more people in the middle believe that Trump is one of them, and may be the last best hope for stopping crazy in its tracks.

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