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In the hours following the shooting at Ft. Hood, President Obama demonstrated resolute apathy to the greatest issue of our time. His callous and apathetic beliefs caused some rather unbecoming behavior for a United States President. And worse yet the American people are the one's who will suffer... And they noticed.

Roughly two and a half hours after the shooting that took the lives of American service personnel, on American soil, President Obama was scheduled to deliver a speech to a Tribal Nations Conference being sponsored by the U.S. Government. Once the President was told of the Ft. Hood shooting, the White House team made the decision to go forward with the conference and that the President would deliver his previously prepared remarks.

Once the President was given the stage, the news networks of the world zoomed in on the otherwise little-noticed conference. The President spent several minutes at the beginning of his time giving introductory remarks. He gave "shout-outs" to his "homies" in the crowd. He also apparently attributed a Congressional Medal of Honor to someone in the room. The only problem being that the man in question had not in fact ever received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

Eventually he turned his remarks to the violence of the afternoon and laid some less than "Obama-esque" sentiment on the gathered crowd and the watching networks.

But the rank and sophomoric way he began the speech was off-putting. Commentators for NBC even wrote in shock at the President's lack of protocol, sensitivity, or even awareness of the pain the nation was feeling at that moment roughly two hours after the drama began.

But if all that was merely an innocent mistake by an increasingly wet-behind-the-ears rookie some nine months after taking office, what was to be revealed within the hour would be stomach churning.

In his remarks President Obama called for everyone to remain calm and to not jump to conclusions about the cause, rationale, and motivation behind the shooting incident.

Evidently what President Obama meant was for the average American to disengage their mind from the truth his lying eyes and ears easily showed them.

Within the hour Stephen Hayes reported on "the panel" on Fox News' Special Report that sources inside the Obama administration's FBI leadership had confirmed that the investigation was not to be giving any discussion to the possible merits of connecting the shooting at Ft. Hood to terrorism.


A man yells, "Allah Akbar" before unloading his weapon, after posting repeatedly on pro-terrorist web-sites for months, and had been ranting about not being forced to serve in Iraq nor Afghanistan because he objected to the purposes of the U.S. Military in those regions, but his connections to terrorism were not to be "considered."

How could such a posture come about in the FBI? We real Americans would like to know.

Only a day previous the President demonstrated that he had genuine perception problems as it related to another concept: freedom.

After Prime Minister Angela Merckel's gracious visit the Obama administration went out of their way to publicize the fact that the President would have no part in recognizing the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall of course represented everything America stood in opposition to, and it was an American President and not a Soviet agent that ultimately caused it to fall. So why wouldn't President Obama wish to do the simple act of honor to his OWN nation and the cause of liberty universally and pay homage to a date the unified the German people after many years of separation?

Perhaps it very simply boils down to the fact that this President does not make a distinction between a free state, and an enslaved one. Perhaps this President does not believe that life under Soviet cruelty was something we should pronounce a judgment about. Perhaps this is also the reason he sees little difference between the dictators in Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and countries that seek to live under self-determination, democracy, independence, and liberty.

I believe that in our President's way of thinking there is no moral distinction between America, our service men and women, our citizens, and the masses gathered at the university of Cairo in Egypt. It was in that speech after all that he equated the values of Islam and America as one and the same. He calls us one of the largest Muslim nations on earth. (We are 80th on that list.)

If President Obama cannot see the value of the freedoms we cherish, why not throw some "shout outs" in light of national suffering?

After all we're not considering it a terrorist attack... right?

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