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We can ban police chokeholds in all 50 states—but the pervasive chokehold in America today is the “woke chokehold.” A majority of Americans feel frozen by fear—and are metaphorically choking—overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness. 62 percent of Americans are afraid to speak their minds, according to a new CATO poll.


America’s largest police departments—Los Angeles in 1982, New York in 1993, Chicago in 2012, and Minneapolis in 2020— have banned the use of chokeholds by officers. Crime, however, is soaring in these cities. For example, even as the radical Minneapolis City Council works to eliminate police, robberies are up 37percent.

A chokehold is used to generate submission. We must acknowledge that while the “woke” crowd bars police from utilizing the chokehold as a tactical maneuver, they do everything possible to jolt you and me with crushing fear, resulting in our silence and capitulation. 

Whips, Not Words = Woke

What does “woke” mean? Woke is technically the past participle for the word “wake.” In American slang, however, woke means an “awareness” of significant issues related to social justice and race. 

“Whips, not words, equals woke” is a more accurate definition. Because—even as you read this article—individual citizens, priests, pastors, small businesses, large businesses and non-profits are being bludgeoned into submission by the woke patrol. 

Whips can be literal—like arson and graffiti on houses of worship. Or political—like California Gov. Newsom’s ban on public worship, even while social distancing. Very often, the “whips” employed by America’s woke patrol are censorship by social media and search engines.

“So long as men can speak and write freely, so long as there is no censorship, they still have a chance to reform their society or to put it on a better road,” author/philosopher Ayn Rand once responded when asked whether it was time for authors, artists and intellectuals to withdraw their talents from society. 


Sometimes it feels like we’re there—at a place of total censorship. We’re not. Yet.

Americans are fighting back against the whips of defamation and censorship, winning landmark victories that demonstrate to the woke crowd that there is a hefty price to pay for attacking free speech. For example, attorney L. Lin Wood recently won a $250 million defamation suit against the Washington Post for slandering pro-life Trump supporter, Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann. 

Wood is now representing Dr. Simone Gold, an emergency physician who lost her job after a video she spearheaded received 14 million views in which she and other doctors spoke positively about hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. The video was censored on Twitter, YouTube, Google and Facebook.  

Rules of Woke:

It’s crucial to understand what “woke” means in practice—so that you can decide whether you truly want America to go to the woke side. 

  1. Espouse 100 percent socialist ideas (99.9 percent is not sufficient). People of color are not excluded from this rule by the woke patrol (Joe Biden says black people who vote for him are the only black people he’ll acknowledge). 
  2. If you’re white, you must disown your whiteness and the whiteness of all other white people without admitting the truth that God loves diversity so much that He created humans of many different colors, including white. (Woke is a secular movement without room for God, equality, or brotherly and sisterly love).
  3. Put up a sign that says “All Are Welcome Here” or “Black Lives Matter.” (Don’t worry, everyone will interpret these signs to mean that Christians, capitalists, heterosexual men and Trump supporters are not welcome and do not matter).
  4. Wear a mask at all times. Bonus points for goggles. The idea is to look like a bank robber about to dive into a pool. Ignore any medical research to the contrary.
  5. Call people names instead of engaging them in real dialogue. Better yet, seize their gun, especially if they exercise their 2nd Amendment right and peacefully defend their private property against violent protesters (think Mark and Patricia McCloskey). 
  6. Support Big Pharma. Drug company profits are more important than saving lives and eliminating needless suffering from COVID-19 through existing drug treatments that cost under $200 (hydroxychloroquine and an asthma medication). 
  7. Believe everything CNN and MSNBC report. Love everything you see on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The media loves you—and will never censor, slander or lie. 
  8. Violence is acceptable to the woke crowd if it advances socialism in America. C’mon, as AOC implies, criminals are actually nice people who happen to be hungry and looking for a loaf of bread.
  9. Even if ratings drop, professional athletes should kneel, talk or walk out during the National Anthem. Fans don’t matter. Fans are dumb! 
  10. Recognize that guns are for protecting socialist politicians with taxpayer-subsidized armed guards while they work to dismantle the police— (think $153,000 for three Minneapolis City Council members). 

Think for Yourself

Life is inherently risky. With so many studies that question the efficacy of government-mandated orders—from mask mandates to lockdowns—we must empower ourselves and each other to question the media and to question politicians such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein who have been in politics for over four decades with nothing to show for their “leadership.” 

Question, also, new political faces like Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar whose political career is steeped in scandal—and who has told us that she considers the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack on American soil in which 2,977 people died and over 6,000 were injured to be an ordinary day when “some people did something.” 

Personal freedom is the ultimate solution to our woes. We must trust ourselves and our fellow Americans to be responsible and make better choices than bureaucrats motivated by power and profit.

Keep hope. Remember that a Silent Majority of Americans do not believe in socialism or censorship. The woke chokehold is futile without our fear.

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