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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid finally admitted that ObamaCare is just a step towards a fully government run single-payer health care system. This confession confirms what we already knew, but Reid has never been so honest about the real hidden agenda behind the health care monstrosity.

We must stop ObamaCare before we go down the path of European-style socialized medicine. Here’s the game plan: ObamaCare will be a tragic mess that furthers destroys health care in the United States. The unworkable law will skyrocket health insurance premiums and lead to a bureaucratic rationing of health care. Politicians will then blame the nonexistent “free market” and push for more government control to correct these problems created by government in the first place.

We are frankly running out of time to undo ObamaCare with key provisions set to go into effect on January 1, 2014. After the law is close to fully implemented, it will be incredibly hard to repeal it. If not now, when?

That should mean no more empty and symbolic votes that do nothing. No more members of Congress compromising on principle to appease pro-ObamaCare leadership. More representatives need to take a hard stance on defunding ObamaCare before it’s too late.

The CR may be the last opportunity to stop the ObamaCare train wreck. The current CR that allows funding for the federal government expires on September 30th and must be renewed in order for the federal government to stay fully open. Congressmen should refuse to vote for a Continuing Resolution (CR) that does not defund ObamaCare.

Representatives should be willing do whatever it takes to immediately stop the wildly unpopular ObamaCare law. Yet, some Republicans will not take that promise to the American people. A large number of Republicans refuse to sign or have withdrawn their support for Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Congressman Mark Meadows’ (R-NC) letters pledging to not vote for a CR that contains ObamaCare funding.

The letter has separated those serious about defunding ObamaCare from those that only like to make lofty campaign promises. Those who are either afraid or unwilling to defund ObamaCare are repeating scaremongering talking points about a government shutdown. The goal is to pass a CR with no ObamaCare funding before the September 30th deadline. However, claims that a government shutdown standoff could harm our nation’s defense or its military personnel and veterans are incorrect.

A government shutdown in this situation does not mean anarchy like some are dishonestly claiming. It simply means that the federal government will stop providing all but “essential” services. Federal law enforcement, armed forces, air traffic control, National Weather service, infrastructure programs, the Post Office, mandatory benefit payments such as Social Security checks, the penal system, and all functions and personnel deemed “essential” are required to resume as normal.

Kind of makes you wonder why the $16.7 trillion in debt federal government still has active “non-essential” services.

In the event of a so-called government shutdown, national security would not be jeopardized and overseas military operations would continue as planned. The first item on the White House Office of Management and Budget list of “essential” functions is: “provide for the national security, including the conduct of foreign relations essential to the national security or the safety of life.”

The employment or pay of military personnel would be unaffected. The House Committee on Armed Services has clearly stated that “in any shutdown plan, all military personnel would be deemed exempt and would not be subject to furlough.” Military personnel will likely not miss any paychecks since Congress can simply ensure military pay by passing a standalone appropriation. Military pay has been specifically exempt from multiple government shutdowns in the past and few shutdowns have lasted longer than 3 days.

Veterans’ payments and health facilities will not be affected. Veterans’ health care services would not be impacted by a shutdown and VA hospitals would continue to process claims. The House Committee on Veterans Affairs has specifically
stated that, “[In any shutdown plan,] disabled veterans in receipt of disability compensation or pension checks should continue to receive those payments,” as will “survivors currently in receipt of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation.”

Some Republicans say that a shutdown would be politically damaging, citing the 1996 election after the 1995 government shutdown. There is little to no evidence that the government shutdown had anything to do with Bob Dole’s predictable loss at the ballot box. The House only lost nine Republican seats. The Senate actually gained two seats.

More Republicans need to grow a spine and commit to defunding the disastrous ObamaCare law. It’s now or never.

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