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The Democrats’ fake compassion is now on disgusting display for all the world to see. Claiming to be passionate humanitarians, guardians of women, children, and people of color, they are willing to trade away the very lives of those illegal immigrants in their savage quest to defeat Trump’s wall. 


The wall is an “immorality!” carps Great Leader Nancy Pelosi with bold grammatical ineptitude. But who is really immoral here?  

The Democrats who claim compassion as their brand don’t give a hot hoot that up to 80 percent of the women and girls crossing the border are raped during their dangerous journey. Knowing the horrors they face, even young girls take birth control before they start out. But Democrats don’t care.  #MeToo doesn’t apply to these poor youngsters, only to zany actresses in silly hats who threaten to blow up the White House.  

Even more horrific, hypocrite Democrats don’t care that before children even reach the border they  are being sold into a life of human slavery and sex abuse at brothels and bars along the way by soulless cartel traffickers who were paid to take them to America.  

Because smugglers know legal loopholes allow catch and release for children, they cunningly pair them with adult strangers posing as family members, creating even more danger for these unprotected kids.  USA Today reports that “Border Patrol agents apprehended 27,518 members of family units in December, the highest monthly total on record. That figure has steadily climbed for five months…”


These preening Democratic senators and representatives who pretend to be champions of minorities and the underprivileged don’t care that virtually all of these victims are people of color. The heartless Democrats are the racists, not Trump. Hundreds or maybe thousands actually die making their dangerous journey. But the cost of their lives is nothing compared to their ferocious obsession to humiliate Trump. 

As the president asked in his speech, how can anyone “allow innocent people to be so horribly victimized?”  Democrats can.

While Pelosi and Schumer accuse the president of cruelly holding government workers hostage, the real hostages are these hapless illegals. They face death, while government employees face a few weeks delay in getting their checks. They will get their checks, but thousands of illegals will not survive.    

And it gets worse. The Democrats refusal to allow a wall kills thousands of Americans, too. About 90% of heroin, fentanyl and other opioids reach our nation across the southern border according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.  Some of it is packed over by human mules, and some is smuggled in vehicles at official border crossings.  Funding is needed for much more sophisticated security at these crossing points, too. 


The Democrats refusal to seal our border and the massive amount of drugs available as a result is killing 300 mostly young American addicts who overdose each month.  The libs tell us the drug supply simply feeds the already-existing drug demand that’s created the opioid crisis. But the huge supply has made heroin more affordable which means that more youth try it, and addicts aren’t priced out of their addiction. Building the wall wouldn’t end the drug supply but it would certainly reduce it. 

Then there are the murders of innocents like Kate Steinle, police officers like Ronil Singh, and the hundreds who have been viciously tortured and killed by illegal gang members or died in car crashes because of illegal alien drivers. 

Still the Dems stand obstinately against a way to start saving lives of Americans, illegals and the drug-addicted: remove the illegal immigration and drug-smuggling open border incentive by building The Wall. From the high perch of their moral superiority, the Dems decree that the deaths of thousands of Americans and underprivileged minority women and children are a “manufactured crisis.” And then they call Trump inhumane. Their willingness to allow these multiple human tragedies is nauseating – especially since they are coldly betting they can turn the illegals who survive their hazardous trip into Democratic voters. 


Never mind that the same Democrats just over five years ago (June 2013) voted unanimously to fund 700 miles of border fence and many times over many years voiced their support for a physical barrier or a wall. So why this intransigence now, even as these border problems are becoming more devastating? The difference is blind, demented anti-Trump rage. And the question is: will their Trump hatred continue to enable the exploitation and death of the very people they pretend to love?   

Joy Overbeck is a Colorado journalist, author and Townhall columnist who has also contributed to The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, BarbWire and elsewhere. 


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