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Since its start, the Biden Administration has insisted the way to end the pandemic is vaccination alone, has censored communication about COVID treatments, and has used Biden’s bully pulpit and regulatory coercion to dissuade states, localities, physicians and pharmacists from making treatments available to those in need.  That is a state sponsored policy of medical neglect which predictably and invariably leads to avoidable death.  


State and local governments and physicians have received an unmistakable message from this Administration that they must encourage and administer COVID-19 vaccines and not dilute the vaccinate message with discussion of therapeutics.  The choice to propagandize science in this way by granting an official imprimatur in favor of vaccination only and employing censorship against treatment messaging is costing lives every hour of every day.  It is horrific maladministration, eerily similar to Ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order to place infected patients back into nursing homes.  It cannot be justified scientifically or morally.   

Shortly after Biden took office in January of 2021, virologists and epidemiologists studying vaccine effectiveness began raising difficult questions: the vaccines might not provide lasting immunity; they might not be capable of preventing infection by variants; boosters might be required.  Did the Biden Administration then pivot from exclusive reliance on vaccination to a more nuanced approach which encouraged rapid treatment for any who became ill?  No.  Increasingly thereafter evidence revealed that natural immunity provided at least as much protection as vaccination and that at least 50% of the nation was naturally immune.  Did the Biden Administration then pivot from its exclusive vaccination message, or even take into account widespread natural immunity?  No.  It unscientifically ignored natural immunity, excluded from its calculation the approximately 160 million naturally immune people across the nation, and thereby grossly underestimated the extent of immunity.  It did so irrationally to add urgency to its demand for vaccination, even insisting on vaccination of the naturally immune, despite the absence of demonstrable need and the presence of risk.   


Indeed, instead of “following the science,” it “followed the politics” (of control) with the CDC, FDA, and HHS bending and twisting to satisfy White House demands.  The Biden team doubled down on vaccination, maintaining that any deviation from an exclusive focus on vaccination would reduce the vaunted political goal of full compliance; it neither authorized exploration of, nor wished to know, the state of actual immunity in the country.  In other words, vaccination had become a Biden Administration religion.  Dissent was heresy condemnable by censorship and exile.  All not vaccinated had become the equivalent of the “unclean” in the First Century AD.  In his September 9, 2021 address, Biden made clear he was embarking on a crusade.  He condemned the unvaccinated (suggesting that if they got COVID they deserved it) and falsely identified them as the basis for COVID transmission (contradicting the science that the vaccinated can carry and spread the virus (albeit the naturally immune cannot!)).  He reiterated his Administration’s exclusive response to COVID to be compelling Americans in ever greater numbers to be vaccinated, insisting that this was a “patriotic” duty.  

Then, in October and November of 2021, the information of the waning effectiveness of the vaccines hit hard and the need for boosters became generally accepted, even within CDC.  Waning immunity would occur in vaccinated individuals at impossible to predict rates varying person to person; boosters would be needed perhaps every six months, perhaps more often for the immune compromised and elderly; and new hospitalizations involved not just the unvaccinated (as Biden falsely stated) because vaccinated people kept showing up in ever greater numbers, establishing that the population of admitted ill included the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.  


Now, as the New Year emerges, the evidence reveals even more glaringly the folly of the Biden Administration’s vaccination only approach.  Scientists disagree concerning how frequently booster doses will be needed, and whether different kinds of boosters will be needed to fend off future variants.  And yet, the wooden and stale Biden Administration holds fast to the vaccination only position it announced at the start, enhanced by its actions to suppress access to and discussion of COVID treatments.  

We are now well into the national crisis where people are dying because they are frequently unaware of the need to get, or--when aware--are nevertheless unable to access, life-saving therapeutics at the start of infection.  Across the nation, a drug effective in cutting COVID viral loads and averting hospitalization and death when given early after infection, Ivermectin, is difficult to obtain and physicians who prescribe it subject to attack from the Biden Administration, states cowing to administration pressure, medical boards, pharmacy boards, and left wing city governments.  Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo explained that “the federal government is actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments in the U.S."[i]Pfizer’s latest treatment, also to be administered at the first sign of infection, Paxlovid, is rolling out slowly despite the fact that it reduces the risk of COVID hospitalization and death by 89%.  Fluvoxamine, another highly effective, inexpensive, and widely available drug, is extremely effective in averting hospitalizations and death when administered early after infection, but is the subject of widespread government bans on its use in treating COVID.  


The Biden Administration’s exclusive vaccination position and corresponding suppression of COVID treatments is having the effect of causing the infected, including huge numbers of those already vaccinated, to suffer higher risk of severe disease and death.  The needed treatments are often unavailable.  When available, physicians have been intimidated into not prescribing them, and pharmacists have been intimidated into not filling prescriptions for them.  

The Biden Administration is thus wittingly sacrificing the health and lives of Americans  to maintain its exclusive vaccination position, deaf to their cries and feigning cluelessness.  The administration is thus aiding and abetting the killing of Americans, vaccinated and not, by effectively depriving them of urgent, early COVID treatments.  Sooner or later as the reality of that monstrous abuse dawns on the American people, an already fallen Administration will see whatever influence it has left vanish.

There is an obvious alternative to this reprehensible disregard for human life.  That is to be honest with the American people.  Give them full information about the COVID options and, rather than take their liberty away for not following the commands of a woefully misinformed, doddering dictator, let them freely choose with the aid of their own physicians how best to treat this horrible illness, recognizing the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike as equally deserving of care.  Were Biden humane, decent, and respectful of the constitutional limits on his power, he would follow that course.  That he has not done so is proof of his inhumanity, indecency, and disdain for the Constitution.


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