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Dear President Obama,

It’s not us; it’s you. It’s all you.

In the election in which you sought and gained ballot access while repeatedly disregarding pleas of the actual Democrat candidates- candidates who wanted nothing to do with you-- and just wanted you to sit down and shut up, you got beat.


And now Democrats know how Chicago feels.

Just like you did with your “hometown,” you used the Democrats to build a legacy for yourself. And then left them to burn and rot.

How’s this for a legacy? In addition to losing Libya, Egypt (only for a time), Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Ukraine, you now have some other failed states to put in the loss column.

You lost Illinois.

You lost Maryland.

You lost Massachusetts.

You lost Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

Those are only the statewide races you lost.

It was all the more fitting that it happened on the day on which I got the news that my insurance premiums are going up by $3,000 per year.

I know you are math challenged, so let me add it up for you.

That money that I’m paying for increased premiums will cost the average worker who needs to save for retirement $475,770.12 over a 35 year working career.

That’s a house. That’s an Ivy League education. That’s the difference between being able to afford a standard of living that includes things like food and medicine or being stuck on another crappy government program that you designed, pushed and walked away from so it could rot and burn.


I’m not the only one this happened to either.

According to the Washington Examiner 2014 saw healthcare premium increases across the board, regardless of age.

“Average premium increases ranged from a low of 22.7 percent among 63-year-old men to a high of 78.2 percent among 23-year-old men,” writes the Examiner. “Among women, the range was 35.1 percent for 30-year-olds to 44.9 percent among 23-year-olds.”

So yes, of course the election was about you.

You’re Barack H. Obama, for crying out loud. It’s ALWAYS about you.

It was about you when you raised taxes on every single working American in January of 2013 as you readied yourself for your second coronation and raised the payroll tax.

It’s been about you as you let languish on your desk the approval of the Keystone pipeline, a measure that could help Americans save $180 million dollars a day in transportation costs and help create 10 million jobs here at home.

It was about you when decided not to fix immigration while you had a Democrat majority and instead held illegal immigrants hostage, strangers in a strange land, with neither hope, nor change, permanent victims to a gutless government that’s ambivalent to them even as it exploits them.


As much as any election I can remember, including those I have studied throughout history, this election was about a man.

Congratulations, but be careful what you wish for.

Because unfortunately for you, it wasn’t about that man’s popularity, his ability to give a good speech, his carefully scripted life, sanitized by media—that incidentally are about you as well.

Instead it was about what that man is about in his gut, at his core, in his heart.

And in this election Americans have finally, firmly and I hope irretrievably come to the conclusion that Barack H. Obama in his gut, his core, his heart is all about Barack H. Obama.

So now you got the election you dreamed of, something to burnish in marble. 

We’re all on the same page with you, buddy.

Enjoy it.

It will be your legacy.

May that legacy rot and burn.

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