The Unbelievably Incompetent White House

Posted: Oct 06, 2014 12:01 AM
The Unbelievably Incompetent White House

I know that many of my conservative friends think that there are evil geniuses at work in the White House with a master plan to collapse the system. And I‘m not discounting that they have such a plan.

No. Not at all.

My quibble is with the part where they call them geniuses.

Sure, this White House is clever in spots. But so are raccoons.

But I wouldn’t trust raccoons to implement healthcare reform, for example. You know… unless my only other option was to allow the folks in Washington, DC implement it.

So let’s just say that after six years of close observation, I can tell you for sure that the Obama administration is made up of folks who couldn’t spell the word “cat” if you first spotted them the letter “k.”

So while one must closely track those things they are intentionally doing to harm the country, my plea would be to not lose track of the problems at which the White House is just totally unprepared and unable to tackle.

Take ISIS for example.

Obama’s brand of Islam does not include Michelle running around with a head-to-foot burqua. Sure, he may fantasize about it, in the same way that Bill Clinton fantasizes about Hillary having an aneurism. But if we know anything about liberal men it is this: They take their orders from the very angry women with whom they surround themselves.

It might be a dead mother or a live wife, but the angry women rule the left-wing roost.

So, the current popular idea from some quarters of the conservative movement that we are dropping bombs on ISIS in support of ISIS only has to be repeated out loud to see how silly it is.

Again, I’m not saying that the administration wouldn’t do something as brazenly manipulative and self-defeating as helping ISIS if they thought it would provide the margin of victory for their candidates. But if it’s planned, it’s certainly not a good plan.

Things aren’t going very well for Democrats for the 2014 election if you haven’t noticed. Obama is only saved from his most recent misstep by his next more recent, and even worse, misstep. One screw up has been followed by another more heinous mistake, so much so that government has become just an afterthought.

If Democrats hold on to the Senate it will only be because Republicans are more inept at campaigning than they are at unifying the Party against the worst president in our history.

In Colorado for example, the purple state that Democrats targeted to start the progressive revolution, both the Governor’s mansion and the Senate seat are up for grabs, despite moribund GOP Party leadership that's just a joint short of a mile high,

The GOP candidate for Governor, Bob Beauprez, is top notch. But after that, there is little leadership in Colorado as capable of campaigning as the Dems are.

Governing is a different matter entirely. High marks go to the GOP for governance.

The Democrats have run clever campaigns for sure. But you can only lie so much before the lies wear thin. When you add in the incredible incompetence or laziness of the Democrat leadership, there certainly is an instinct to wonder if these guys who campaign so well can be so incredibly dumb.

They can’t be, right? This has to be on purpose.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, it’s not on purpose.

No one says that the Ebola virus is very unlikely to make it to America, unless they have either: 1) taken steps to ensure it won’t; or 2) are plainly stupid. Nor yet call ISIS the junior varsity as the JV team kicks the crap out of the starting seniors. 

Plenty of governments have collapsed under the weight of stupidity far less weighty than Obama’s.

So what difference does it makes?

A lot. 

Few Americans on the electoral fence are willing to believe there’s a plan that they don’t know about to ruin the system from within.

But most of them will believe what their eyes and ears tell them every day: These guys really are that dumb.