Rachel Maddow’s Fear: G.O.P. Equals J.O.B.

Posted: Feb 18, 2014 12:01 AM
Rachel Maddow’s Fear: G.O.P. Equals J.O.B.

MSNBC, the Houston Chronicle and other mainstream media outlets are saying that Republican intervention in the union vote at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee helped to tip scales, like somehow the GOP committed a crime.

And in doing so, they provided the GOP with an important campaign focus group: The liberals are deathly afraid that Americans will discover that, yes, the Republicans aren’t afraid of helping to create jobs in the private sector.

“It was as ferocious an anti-union campaign as anything Americans have seen in a while,” says the MSNBC Rachel Maddow blog. “Indeed, the Republican effort, bolstered by inside-the-Beltway lobbying activists like Grover Norquist, featured both carrots and sticks: GOP policymakers not only threatened to kill tax incentives for the plant if workers joined a union, but Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said he had secret knowledge that if employees turned down the UAW, the plant would be rewarded with a new product line.”

Then thank God for Bob Corker.

The GOP governor and members of the Tennessee legislature, along with Sen. Bob Corker combined to warn workers at the Volkswagen plant that acceptance of the UAW representation would cost jobs and cost job creation in the future, as it always does when the UAW is involved.

“The German automaker's CEO, Martin Winterkorn, announced at the Detroit auto show last month that the seven-passenger SUV will go on sale in the U.S. in 2016,” says the Chronicle. “Winterkorn said the new model will be part of a five-year, $7 billion investment in North America.”

Now that the union vote is out of the way Tennessee might be in line for that investment.

$7 billion multiplied by 50 states is $350 billion, or a third of the money Obama wasted on stimulus spending to create no jobs.

So that begs the question: Can the GOP hurry up and do for the rest of the country what they did for Tennessee?

Yes, we can. Sí, se puede.

Because there has never been more money available for jobs and investment.


And companies are stuck doing things like buying back their own stock in the open market and increasing cash dividends because the administration treats the private hiring of workers in this country like a crime against humanity.

It’s easier to qualify for food stamps than it is to find a job. It’s so bad that immigrants are crossing back to Mexico to find opportunity.

Last year the liberal AtlanticMonthly said that “the U.S. becoming a less attractive destination” for Mexicans. “[Mexican] GDP growth rivals Brazil's, and economically, some economists think the country is doing even better than the United States.”

And all this time we thought the administration didn’t have an effective plan to combat illegal immigration.

All this at a time when Obama is telling us: “The private sector is doing fine.”

Only a group of myopic, academic, ideologues, like the ones who have seized control of the Democrat wing of the Democrat party, would have fumbled the opportunity to create record jobs in the U.S. that has been available the last six years.

They can feel doubly rewarded by the fact that instead of attending to the peoples’ business and fueling job creation, they chose instead to pass the still-born “Obamacare Monument to That President We Would Rather Not Talk About in 2014.”

The irony, as Democrats rush to divorce themselves from the consequences of the law, is that they have done everything to let people know that they are 100 percent for Obamacare, and Republicans are 100 percent against it.

Like in the Tennessee union vote, you don’t need a scorecard to know where everyone stands.

That makes the election focus in 2014 really easy.

G.O.P. equals J.O.B.

Thanks, Maddow, for the assist.